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Competitive Kit Discussion


Also you have to face check ice to use egret


Paricia, Net Mercur, and (to a lesser extent) Beth can give you a playable horizontal match. Temujin is a huge econ boost and the 2-inf cost means you can actually play it in Kit. Kit’s ability is pretty relevant in ice-light, horizontal builds (when it is a lot harder for them to adequately protect centrals). Astrolabe helps keep up your tempo while you’re dealing with spam.

I haven’t updated this list in a little while, but it was treating me pretty well last time that I played it regularly.

Stealth Kit + Temujin

Rielle “Kit” Peddler: Transhuman (Creation and Control)

Event (11)

Hardware (8)

Resource (14)

Icebreaker (6)

  • 1x Atman (Creation and Control)
  • 1x Dagger (Creation and Control)
  • 1x Inti (Creation and Control)
  • 3x Refractor (First Contact)

Program (7)

9 influence spent (max 10-1★=9, available 0)
46 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Escalation

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.


One of the more amusing parts of Sensies is that if you get two R&D Interfaces installed you sorta want them to fire… So that you’re always seeing fresh cards on R&D.


isn’t kit the ultimate facechecker? drop any decoder, have a bit of cash and go?


Yeah Egret seems really good to me in Kit. It allows you to maintain pressure on deep centrals without needing to install other breakers. You face-check each time a new piece of ice is installed, and then install Egret on the inner pieces of ice.

The main issue with Egret is that it can be trashed by installing over the ice, but that can be a blessing anyway. It’s a nice card for Kit.


Yes and no. She is good at any one ice deep server. Any two ice deep server, it’s a risk, particularly since egret requires a rezzed ice. It rewards a more aggressive style of play but if, at any time, you have to install a breaker other than a decoder you might as well not be running egret.


Egret can be self-modified or clone-chipped, so it’s a great tool for facechecking. Also, a big value of subtype change is to switch to a better breaker in term of cost. Have Egret and a Yog and make a Komainu or a Next Silver cry or let a Cyber-Cypher carry the burden of an Ichi 1.0. Add a Lady to deal with stuff the size of Archer, you’ll play a load of Scavenge anyway.

You love jank, do you ? I tinkered hard on Kit and Paintbrush so I’ve been dreaming for something like Egret for long. Sure, it’s pointless in a spam asset meta, but it won’t stop me to try on casual.


I think the use case for Egret is when the Corp installs a new ice above non-code gate ice in an attempt to force Kit to get another breaker. With Egret, you install it on the old rezzed ice and now you can break both with a decoder.

The main problem is the MU which conflicts with Cloak and the cost which is important since Kit isn’t exactly rich. I could see running 2 with the standard stealth suite and maybe using clone chips to recur them but I think there’s better cards for those slots.


I agree that Kit’s ability is strong against these ice light decks. However, a lot of card slots are spent to deal with ice: 6 on breakers, 2 cloak, 3 lockpick, 2 ghost runner, 1 escher (not counting net mercur, smc and cc).
That’s a lot just to deal with a couple ice. and they cannot be used to there full potential.

And how’s the economy? I haven’t played temüjin in kit yet. But I used the same economy package in katman. And I needed to add daily casts for when you cannot or don’t want to run. Also with just one run per turn, temüjin cannot be used as a burst econ when all centrals have an ice.


Kit’s ability—I’m talking Stealth Kit here particularly—maxes out at once per turn, so this means you are aiming for one impactful run per turn, often on the second or third click. (Indexing is excellent in Kit, but it’s easier for the corp to tax your stealth credits than Smoke, making the second run a hit from which it’s hard to recover.) As such, many people have discovered that Maker’s Eye and Legwork are as good in Kit as any more surefire but costly multi-access (RDI, sometimes Indexing). It’s possible that folks who are running non-stealth builds are able to jam more straightforward econ, but I’ve never played non-stealth Kit because Refractor is best decoder.

All this to say that Temujin can support your runs and is almost too good not to include, but often is only replacing the real credits you’re spending on the run rather than making you any money. Ultimately this is what you’re aiming for in Stealth Kit, which is to say credit replacement or minimizing the loss or use of real credits. Kit will never be able to contest a Midseasons because of this so don’t forget to bring a Film Critic.

A lot of people have gone the other direction and included Stimhack in Kit lists to go all-in on burst econ. I might consider Cold Read instead as an organic, artisanal Stimhack that goes with Net Mercur.


I think Net Mercur is one of Kit’s best cards to deal with horizontal decks. Once loaded, it’s 1 free credit per run, which you can use to trash low-cost stuff like AALs, political assets, Tech Startups and the like. And loading it is quite doable with Ghost Runners and Cold Read, so you even need to install a breaker first.


Thanks for the comments. To be clear, this deck is aiming for a mid-range non-specialized approach so it can still have game against vertical matches. Some words on card choices:

  • Breakers and support: you absolutely need to have a refractor and some stealth support within the first few turns, otherwise the corp will start rushing. 3x refractor + 3x lockpick helps this happen. Hopefully you have to install neither Atman nor Inti, as they loudly telegraph how to lock you out. Escher gives you an out in the late game if you are staring at a deep scoring remote. SMC and CC are definitely a little weak, but they give you outs and let you pull up Cloak or Paricia for a delayed econ bump.
  • Econ feels pretty solid. I can’t overstate how helpful Net Mercur is (on par with Desperado most games). Most of the stuff you install is cheap, and you have lots of recurring credits for breaking/asset-trashing. Ghost runner can fill in for trash costs if you don’t need it for breakers.
  • Temujin is a little tricky. If there’s an open central or open remote, you can install + 3 run for a burst of 12 in a turn. You can generally needle the corp into double-icing R&D + HQ + a remote, which tends to leave them unable to immediately ice (and definitely not double-ice) archives. If they do ice it, you run it once per turn while you’re building your board (using recurring credits to break and getting +1 from net mercur to generally net 5 credits). Still pretty solid, and that’s one fewer ICE to deal with.


Does that new resource that makes n>1 ice more expensive have a place in Kit?


I could see Network Exchange working with a vamp Kit (though I never really played that archetype). You probably want to get a couple of them on the board early to get the most impact from them: it would be super frustrating as the corp to be too broke to install more ICE, and to be vulnerable to vamp/siphon due to the lack of ICE.

Has anybody been playing a vamp kit recently? What are you doing with it?


The Sifr, Ankusa, Tinkering/Paintbrush decks will like Network Exchange. But setup time is killer, and that is a lot of cards/credits that are wasted when you see asset spam. Certainly seems fun though :wink:


I’ve been running a Kit that uses a small set of toolbox programs to handle some of the more annoying matchups. The rise of the good, 2 MU consoles has made this possible. I generally have 2 MU to use for toolbox, and SMC helps make a single copy of each program impactful. Oddly, many programs used for ostensibly different purposes end up also helping for asset spam. The toolbox is:

  • 2 x Paricia - 1 is not enough against asset spam. Still only trashing one thing per turn, though.
  • 1 x Misdirection - allows me to go more aggro against assets while messing up the corp’s Hard Hitting News math. I’ll intentionally end the turn on 7 credits to cost them 6 for HHN, and me 6 to clear them all (SMC -> Misdirection). Assuming I have a stronger econ engine, it pays off.
  • 1 x Net Shield - because attrition/potatos sucks. Allows more agro against red asset decks. Between this an Aaron, Snares aren’t that terrifying. Hostile Infrastructure is much easier to tear down. IG 49 is a slightly better matchup given they need to burst 7 rather than 6.
  • 1 x Atman - the “out” for strange ice. Oddly often more useful in asset spam decks as it often impacts a higher percentage of the ice (i.e. all data ravens). Also necessary for some ETF and most Architects of Tomorrow decks.

It is a fair number of slots, but in coordination with a deck that makes a lot of money, it handles most of the strange crap you see out of annoying decks. Since it is program-based, it tutors well. It will stick around after rotation.


@TheBigBoy - I’ve seen a couple of your games recently with this deck where you told your opponent that putting three or four ice on R&D is surrendering to Kit.

Could you explain that more?


The best way to beat kit as EtF is to not defend your centrals at all and just make a huge stack on your remote. Your first 3 ice should probably be on your remote, your first 2 at the very least. Only defend R&D once they install an RDI, and then only with a single piece of taxing ice (a single bioroid is ideal). It can be stressful to play this way, but just know that every central poke effectively costs them 2 credits.

Stacking R&D is bad because I only run it about 3 or at most 4 times a game, so you don’t get much return on the taxing value of your ice.

This plan applies a lot of decks besides EtF as well.


Nothing is more frustrating as Kit than watching the corp ignore icing their centrals. :triumph:


So the MWL list hit and the meta is in flux again. Anyone return to Kit?