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[Competitive Podcast] The Winning Agenda Episode 13 Feat. Dave Hoyland (again!)

Greetings Stimhackers!

Episode 13 of The Winning Agenda is live!

On Our Agenda:

Order and Chaos Card Highlight: Runner

The Panel is once again joined by UK National Champion and Worlds Top 8 Competitor Dave Hoyland for the first installment of their two-part Order and Chaos Card Highlight.The Panel discusses what they beleive to be the most prevelant cards on the Runner side of this expansion, with a focus on the three new identities, and the new archetypes that could spring up from their new, interesting abilities.Join us next week for Episode 14; Order and Chaos Card Highlight: Corporation!

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I don’t know how MaxX is supposed to be pronounced, but hearing “Max Ex” still amuses me. :smiley:

I’ll be very interested to hear the MaxX deck tech. I’m brewing a list myself.


Oh, man. THAT guy again! :smile:

Great 'cast, as always. A nice concise bite of ANR every week in my ears.

Also, I’m with @Ajar in the amusement. I’m pretty sure she’s just ‘Max’, with the extra ‘X’ for MAXIMUM PUNK ROCK.

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¿Por qué no los dos?

I think you guys are only half right about day job. As shaper, I love taking 8 with opus for my turn. But shaper decks tend to be more controlling - taking 8 threatens to get into any remote vs glacier, or threatens to keep R&D consistently locked vs FA. The real question is, will there be an anarch control deck of some sort that pressures the corp with 1 huge threat (like shaper’s inevitability on R&D), as opposed to the current style of throwing parasites every which way and milling twice a turn? I predict no, which means that day job won’t have a home. But magnum opus is good (and melange sucks, btw).