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[Compilation] ANR Database - Blogs, Videos, Podcasts etc

Greetings fellow Netrunners,

I wanted to create a thread that accumulates all the great data about ANR into some sort of list on stimhack.com and I can certainly use your help doing that. Some great articles can already be found here, but there is sure more helpful and informing stuff out there. This would also be a huge help to all the beginners and professionals alike; you can always learn some new tricks and persepectives, right?

I thought about including video channels (real coverage, octgn, strategy videos etc.), blogs, single articles, podcasts, deckbuilder pages, chart pages, maybe other useful forums in general and whatever else comes to mind. I would love to see a full package of greatness regarding anything about Netrunner available on a single page, just a single click away.

First of all we can look to find a consensus on what’s to be in the (link) list in general and how things should be sectioned. I provided some ideas top and I will edit this thread to oblivion until everything’s covered and everyone’s happy =)

You can use the like button to approve each other’s posted ideas / linked content, or just reply normally ofc. Don’t be shy to promote your own content.

Please help contributing to this database.

##ANR Database##


Card Database








Pack Reviews

Strategy & Deck Discussion


Online Play



This metalist is great for Netrunner podcasts (and is probably the most complete and up to date). Also, if something exists under multiple auspices, then linking it in each section might be useful (with links to the specified parts of the site, IE Deckbuilder links for CGDB in the deckbuilder section, forum links in the forum section).

Also while it is up, even though it is a little distasteful, it is probably purdent to link Jinteki.net as well.


Thanks a lot, that podcast section safes me a ton of work. I will incorporate it soon =)
I’ve also took your advice regarding the multiple auspices.

Alright guys and gals, keep 'em coming :smiley:

Under the OCTGN videos section, I have a channel:

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let’s see what i have extra

On youtube
Bad publicity
The efficiency committee
agenda 7 podcast
dogs of war (sometimes)

and the best card database

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Some good articles at bgg:
Matchpoint theory
Work compression

I recently started producing and commentating videos from the Store Championships in the Georgia area under the name PeachHack. All my Netrunner videos are posted to this playlist:

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Add Hidden Assets! We’ve been covering local Seattle events since summer 2014. Small but growing! :smile:


Our website is www.Hidden-Assets.net

Done guys, already saw your content. Keep up the good work! Really like the production value.

Next thing on my agenda is the blog section (perhaps single articles) and I would really appreciate every kind of help. Something’s still missing or wrong? Please let me know.

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There has been some excellent content produced of late and as @SimonMoon notes in his latest article, watching commentated games can provide a lot of insight.

This thread has been dead for quite some time and it appears @jawZ has not been as active on the site lately. There are a few new channels, resources and content providers that could be added to the top of this thread but perhaps it would be better for a new official thread, one pinned to the top for new members to see?


Twitch is loaded with great channels atm:

Neo Reading Grid
Top Deck ANR
ANR Pro Circuit

Beyoken/Ben Ni
Metropole Grid
Random Packet Loss
ANRNZ (New Zealand)

Also SneakdoorZeta is no longer active but @Hermit has put together a new one which you can find here on EmergencyShutdown.net

Just want to add a big thank you to all these content providers for making my TV license a complete waste of money :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Stay Awesome!

If this or your newly created thread is not pinned, there is no point in doing all that work. There is no one going to see all that, sadly. I mean, just look at the clicks on all the links. Two years past! :smiley:

Sadly I’m very much aware of this, threads can drop fast without frequent comments. It really does need to be pinned for it to be worth while.

Theres so much great stuff around at the moment, far more than there has been in the past and the quality of it gets better all the time. I think it does a lot to raise the profile of the game but as this content is provided almost exclusively by other fans of the game, they will struggle to be heard without a little help.

I would have been very grateful to have seen your post when it was first made.

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I would like to humbly submit Quality Time. The stream is located at twitch.tv/netjogging with archived videos and highlights :smiley:

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