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Congrats anthony,

nice job crushing the field at the card kingdom plugged in tour. 10-0 is ridiculously good.

i went 5-5 but i do feel good knowing i was packing the future relevant muresh bodysuit.

i was really hoping that little girl would top 8. every game i happened to watch her play she was winning lol.

i voted collective.


Anthony is one of if not the best netrunner players I have ever played with. I am not suprised he won, but, still major congrats!



I should have a tournament report up in the next few days, it was a blast.

@Alexfrog also won his Plugged inTour event in Portland, so Stimhack had a good showing this week.

(And yes the little girl who was playing was awesome. When I saw her playing against the FFG guys, she would steal an agenda and then say “Thank You!”.)