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Convoluted counters/situations-the FUN thread!

You’re facing Apex, with Endless Hunger and a Mother Goddess rezzed with Wetwork Refit installed. Unfortunately for Apex, he needs to run that server multiple times for a shot at winning, and his Heartbeat is nowhere to be found.

The rules to this thread are simple. Come up with a clever application of as few netrunner cards that counter a very specific and convoluted situation. You never know, you just might encounter a runner with Mongoose and need to use Kitsune to make him run into a Chrysalis to activate the I’ve had worse in his hand that will make the Komainu he has to encounter (because of a scored Labyrinthine Servers of course) have a few too many subroutines for him to effectively handle, thereby winning the game for the Corp as he is playing Jinteki Potential Unleashed.

Come up with any situation that is at least as fun sounding as a runner intentionally running into a Taurus to trash their Comet that they already activated with Dirty Laundry, so that they can install Doppelganger with DaVinci and make the runs necessary to play 3 motivations with only 1 click making the runs.

Then let everyone know that


P.S. If anyone has a better name for this thread, let me know.


I’ll bite. This is the exact reason I always run e3 Feedback Implants and Grappling Hook in Apex.

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Just pretend those cards aren’t installed, this isn’t practical application, this is magic Christmas land, the thread.