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Cool stuff new players should check out

With some new players coming into the game, I wanted to start a thread where more experienced players could point to some of the content that you love. Is there a favorite game video, a best article, an amazing deck write up that you remember from the game that you think new players would get excited to read.

Here are a couple of mine:

Why I Run - A cool and thematic “choose-your-own-adventure” story that really sets a tone for the game and also teaches some aspects of game play.

My favorite game video ever - Timmy Wong v. Dave Hoyland at Worlds 2015 is an amazing game with the knowledgeable and excitable Steven Wooley on commentary. Just a great game.

Help me out here.

Add some of your favorite nuggets that for our newer players to discover for the first time.


My favorite thing is the Terminal 7 podcast. Available wherever podcasts are downloaded, Jesse Turner and Nels Anderson discuss cards and synergies with more of a flavorful focus. They get super excited about even the jankiest of cards and it’s just a fun, casual listen.


As someone who grew up watching the yugioh anime, I found this hilarious.


My best friend Graham (@PureFlight) has another great podcast I would recommend for any newer player: Shipment from ChiLo (http://shipmentfromchilo.podomatic.com/). It’s enjoyable and interesting for veteran players as well, but he always asks guests to read or summarize card text when referencing cards and to explain lingo, so it’s pretty accessible to newer players.

Plus, his episode and segment names are pretty witty references in themselves and the show super entertaining!


I’ve been writing a series of articles aimed at deck building for newer players, so if I didn’t recommend them I don’t know what I’m doing all this work for =D. The first one is on choosing your ID, the second is on the importance and the evaluation of credit economy, and the most recent one is on ICE and Icebreakers. There will be another (final?) one on agendas and win conditions hopefully before too long!


Why did I not know about this? This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I would kickstart a full webcomic based on this.

Same here. It’s a shame the cards it involves have rotated now.

Willingdone’s videos on the principles of the game were super valuable to me. In particular, “Principles of Corp deckbuilding: Winning and Defending” and "Evaluating Runner Play: Expected Value and the Big Picture".


Some of these older articles are still surprisingly relevant even with how the game has changed! But for completely brand-spanking new players who’ve never played a game of netrunner in their lives (how the hell did you find this site?) the best guide out there is probably the new videos team covenant put out: https://teamcovenant.com/android-netrunner/learning-netrunner-series-how-to-play-tutorial-new-player-guide

Also I second Why I Run - best introduction to netrunner on the internet!

I have a txt file full of links to beginner resources. I was planning to dump it on my blog, but I went through it recently and realised some of those links are to websites that are no longer updated, or to stuff that’s no longer relevant (like pre-rotation buying guides) and I’m not sure whether to still publish it or not :confused:


At one point there was a Boardgamegeek forum post of ‘Cards you should be aware of’, things like Inside Job, Femme Fatale, Snare!, and Punitive Counterstrike. Basically a list of Runner Tricks or Corp Punishments so that you can move on into a wider meta without reading every single pack card list.

I copied it and updated it myself but it’s woefully out of date now.

Oh! Oh! I forgot a made a thing for newbies myself! List of common rules mistakes:

I have now performed my daily plug. Our Jackson, who art rotated, give us today our daily clicks, and forgive us our clickbait, even as we forgive the corp for clickbaiting against us.

Paste it into a new thread in this forum, ask people to post edits to it in replies, then paste them all together and drop it in back in this thread :slight_smile:

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