Cost of datatpacks

Just wondering, how much does the cost of datapacks vary from country to country?

Here in Estonia we pay 16 euros for a datapack in our local online store or 18 euros at the physical store where people can also play.

$25 in NZ

About £14 at my FLGS in the UK

My local store is USD$15 or online is USD$12.79.

so it seems that these prices are all in line. I think you can also all confirm that with respect to 2 years ago the prices increased of about 2 euros, for instance I remember paying ~14 euros for spin cycle datapacks.

I also heard that FFG products are bound to become more expensive in the forthcoming months, can you confirm the rumour? For instance, the estimate cost for Terminal Directive (or whatever the new campaign legacy box is called) is 60-65 euros.

The US price was originally announced at $60 but has since been changed to $40.

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In Germany it’s 10€ for German datapacks and (I think) 15-16€ for the English ones. Apparently the English ones became a bit harder to get at local stores recently.

10 euro is quite cheap! How came localised datapacks are cheaper than English ones?

Here (Spain) we pay 13,5€ if I recall correctly.

Recently Asmodee started forcing European shops to order from their European warehouse, instead of directly from FFG, as some shops had done before. This basically adds another margin, and raised costs.

Here in Finland it’s about 18e for datapacks.

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I’m not sure myself. Apparently FFG gives their foreign distributors lots of freedom with their pricing. Without the discount, I don’t think the German packs would sell a lot because the translation often introduces errors (EtF doesn’t trigger in the runner’s turn, Siphon always gives tags, Savoir-Faire installs programs without paying their install-cost etc.) and learning the cards’ German names is an unnecessary hurdle.

In Switzerland, without discount:
german cards: CHF 16.- (Euro 14,9)
english cards: CHF 18.- (Euro 16,8)

In the US, we pay $15 per datapack, but they can be as cheap as $10 online (with sales/discounts/whatever).

In Malaysia, I was paying 50 or 60 MYR when I was there, which was about 15-20USD (the currency devalued considerably while I was there).

I once bought a few packs in Singapore, I’m not 100% certain if they were 20 or 25 SGD when I bought them.

In Australia, the local shops I go to sell them for $26. That works out to be slightly less than $20 US.

I would imagine it’s because the translations are atrocious. Can’t speak for the German ones, but for someone who knows both English or Polish, the Polish translation is on a very low, I would even say, cringeworthy level.

I know some people who strongly prefer the Polish ones but they’re in a significant minority.

60 PLN per datapack in Poland, which is about $15 and 15€. However our playergroup generally has about -20% discount due to the loyalty program.