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Counting Runner Appearances on Card Art


The gloves are short enough that I think her knuckle tattoos, as seen on Day Job, would be visible if it were her. I don’t think the chest tattoos quite match either; the middle bit might just look different because it’s hidden by the necklaces, but I think the roses are too close to her shoulders to have not been visible in Reality Threedee.

And the facial structure is quite different - rounder face, different nose - but that could just be variation between artists.


Ok, I asked the artist and it is not Maxx on Making an Entrance.


I always thought to see Andromeda on Exclusive Party. She’s dressed in a traditional indian dress with jewelry, but this 3D holo bracelet looks similar.


One really cool suggestion that was brought up on the Netrunner subreddit by u/WilcoClahas is that Thomas Haas might have Smoke on the art on the vid screen.

I’m not entirely convinced, but I do think it is plausible.

I should keep a running list of “What’s going on with this art?” questions for if/when I ever get a good opportunity to ask them. So far I have:

  1. Is Smoke in the art for Thomas Haas?
  2. Is Andromeda in the art for Exclusive Party?
  3. What is the deal with Quetzal’s golden floating potato?


That’s a cyberspace representation of Haas…Avocados.

I’ll see myself out.


I think Thomas Haas is with the babes John Masanori have been logging with all day. Clean connections.


I needed this laugh this morning. Netrunner Head Canon is the best Canon.

Also, I wonder if Kit and Eli might be friends (or even more!). I’d like to think so. But he’s all Teenage Barrier and she’s all Poetic Code Gate. Data Crossed Love, certainly. You know that Papa Wotan doesn’t want them spending time together.


Which of the two people on the screen is supposed to be Smoke? To me, this looks like wishful thinking, to be honest – neither of those people look like her.


The one in the foreground… the idea is that the haircut is similar to the one on The Source.


I don’t think her hair’s that similar. And the image is clear enough I’d expect to see her tattoos if it were her.


Incidentally, is there a website or post that has a complete listing of all official alt arts?

I suppose I could do more work and figure out a comprehensive list myself, but it would really be great not to.


Los is the face-painted guy on Muertos Gang Member, which is a fine card for him btw.
Some says Smoke is on Sure Gamble.


That’s really interesting! They certainly have similar haircuts, don’t they? But isn’t Los on Mars? What’s he doing hanging out with Los Muertos?


The Sure Gamble lady is probably Oracle May.


I suppose people with facial tattoos all look alike to you, but it’s not Los.


I think Nasir is on Windfall, next to Andy. Look at that beard.


To say nothing of that collar…


Hardly; the face tattoos don’t match.
Also, it doesn’t make any sense thematically – Los’ tattoos are for his clan membership on Mars (I don’t think we’ve learned which of the clans he’s a member of) and Los Muertos are a gang in SanSan.


White ink doesn’t produce this result on skin, this is a “Dia de Los Muertosmakeup.

Now makeup, tatoo… Some say in 21th century you will be able to use intelligent ink and download new tatoos. Shadowrun talk about RA ink.


What the Muertos Gang Members have is supposed to be a fluorescent tattoo (which reacts to UV light) – whether that would actually be feasible in real life is another question.
Geist has these facial tattoos, too.

Los, on the other hand, has black face tattoos, which the Muertos gang member clearly doesn’t…

But yeah, the main thing is that it makes no sense whatsoever thematically, and why the guy may have a vague similarity to Los (their faces actually don’t even have the same shape, and they’re by the same artist), there’s no way it’s supposed to be him.