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Crazy Slaghund Data

So, I’m not sure if anyone has been monitoring Slaghund, but current trends are very strange. Most notably:

-Corp has been steadily dropping in overall winrate since the spike with Upstalk’s release. Corp is now actually worse off in terms of overall winrate than it was at the end of the Spin Cycle, pre-Honor and Profit!

-Overall Corp winrate somehow dropped 2% in the last month alone. Noise is back with a vengeance?

-Quetzal is the best runner in the game??? There aren’t even 500 games played yet, so it’s probably just variance, but her win rate is currently 55.83%-- over 10% higher than every other Anarch and almost 2% higher than Andromeda.

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i have some theories unsupported by facts or data. nasir and quetzal are both very aggressive and aggression is + EV for the runner. successful nasir decks end up with what is essentially a katman or ice destruction shell which are both very strong regardless of the ID. nasir just trades kates link and her discount for weirdness.

quetzal early game plays like gabe and we all know how good he is at bum rushing even strong corp decks.she is just poorer and doesnt need to install corroder

on the corp side the foundry is still missing pieces and probably isnt in the end better than EtF people want to test what the new cards add to old IDs ie BWBI, Stronger Together, Custom Biotics and Cerebral imaging so are not playing the red coats, rp glacier , making news taxing etc. The exception is NEH which is obviously strong but is constantly squaring off against super aggressive runners who actually have a fair shot against them.

I know I’ve been having trouble winning Corp games, but what Remorhaz speculates is true for myself. I have been mostly been testing new decks and ideas, largely in Custom Biotics, and largely unsuccessfully. Conversely, I have been getting many wins as Runner, namely with (you guessed it) Noise. I even beat PE today!

Oh, shoot. Thought the game was broken again.


I’ve been playing quetzal and I have noticed enough times that it has made me notice - that I"m winning when I shouldn’t.

Ie., the corp makes an easily discernably inferior play. So, part of that I think is unfamiliarity.

The other thing I think is that Quetzal requires absolutely agressive running - or at least it does for me. Which I think is favorable for the runner. So I guess Quetzal encourage runners to act in a manner faorable to them.

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Personal evolution over RP is intresting.

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nasir has a link, it is a godsend

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With RP, I m having real hard time vs Noise, the deck is a little slow and now Noise got money and so many trash and recursion that it’s really tough

As a Noise player, my experience with RP is the exact opposite. I can’t seem to be able to crack this nut however I play.

I think I still have not lost any game to RP with Noise.
But one game was very close- Oppnent plays Cerebral Static at third turn, and I still mill him without stilling any agenda or playing any current, So actually i mill only with credits and imps from rnd. My Hand and Deck was empty in the end of this match. It was so crazy…

I racked up a body of losses experimenting with Off The Grid / Crisium decks before settling on something reasonably solid.

My early builds ran Caprice. Weyland with 8 less influence to spend on ice is particularly vulnerable to Quetzal, and she accounted for 3/5ths of my games. Hive performs well against her, but the cost is not trivial. Now that I’ve dropped the Caprice gimmick, the deck is a lot healthier and the win-rate just about inverted.

Anecdotal, of course, but I can’t be the only person playing with the same ideas.


Corp winrates have dropped to their lowest point in six months, losing 2% in September alone. This drop looks to be continuing into October.

Quetzal’s general winrate has dropped to just above 50%. Note, though, that this is still extremely good for a Runner ID. (Andy is 54%, Gabe is 49.6%, Kate is 46.6%, Noise is 43.9%)

As a side note, am I the only one who has always been annoyed with the choice of names for all the ID’s on Slaghund? Who talks about his ID as “I’m running with the Retired Spook against your Guarding the Net”? It just feels wrong.

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Well otherwise it would be difficult to sort between BABW and BWBI, TWIY* and MN or ETF and ST.

Hinke’s deck is super real. I don’t know how many times I have to come out and say it, but that deck has a higher win rate against middling players than anything I’ve ever played. It’s no slouch against some of the best either; I lost to it wednesday. I’ve played maybe 10-20 games with it on OCTGN recently, I think losing one. I don’t know if there are other strong players using it, skewing the numbers, but regardless, this is something everyone needs to take very seriously.


What is Hinke’s deck?
Recently I play pretty succesfully with some itteration of my power shutdown deck. It is still viable after some modifications because of noise, like including lotus fields, 3 shocks, subliminals etc.

Hinke’s deck is the one that won Cambridge, MA regionals.
PE + Gila Hands + HoK + Cerebral Overwriter + Ronin + Mushin No Shin.

A similar list won German Nationals.

We added meta against PE in Nord’s Andy build, for Spanish nationals, since Hinke’s build is pretty strong in hands of a good player. With meta, PE is kinda weak.

We added a Feedback Filter, as hard meta, and we found it pretty useful, like adding a plascrete/crash space. I think nowadays Jinteki (RP & PE) are the best corps since they dodge better the current hate against NEH and are better suited to play against top runners.