Creation and Control: Full Spoilers As they Come

Did you mean Atman? The power counters stay, but it only breaks ice with equal strength, not equal or less.

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I think they have to exactly match, so not X or less, but X only

@ Chill84, facepalm indeed, I totally thought about a combination with Datasucker or personal touch, which is subpar of course

New scan!

Agreed, it’s a tool for Exile. Quality time into Freelance into Retrieval Run could be strong.

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Atman could be interesting in a Datasucker deck. Seems like a steep install cost at 3 before paying for power counters, though. Getting it to 3 strength means paying 6… hmm.

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Also, can be a really big sucker sink. Not that sold on it myself.

Thoughts on Cloak + Dagger? My initial response was that it was too combo-y, but I realized Dagger is actually kind of interesting: it can break Rototurret. Not entirely sold on it, but I wouldn’t write them off completely.

You’d need two cloaks for anything above Ichi, such as Archer, the new bioroids, etc. Plus you’re right, it’s too combo-y to be viable in aggressive Shaper decks.

I want to see the look on a Cerebral Imaging player’s face when he gets Account Siphoned.

Also, that new console pisses me off. I’m still running a consoleless Shaper, sincce their in-faction options are garbage.

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Yeah, I don’t really understand Cerebral Imaging. Is it a joke? April 1 was like months ago…

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I like seeing this back, but why does it need to cost 5?

Can’t shaper get one outright good card?

They made it so Stronger Together would look good…

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Card that made me scratch my head and say “wahhht is this for?” immediately: Exploratory Romp. And Monolith. Wat. Also a wee bit disappointed to only see two stealth cards–almost a “why bother with these now”.

I do love all the “hosted token” cards, it’s just a pity they’re all HB :P. And MIT West Tier. Welcome back, bro. Missed you.

Exploratory Romp: the ultimate counter to Salvage.



They did print a surprisingly high amount of really bad cards. Some really strange choices here.


Andy just got stronger

Rielle just crashed and burned during take off

How disappointing

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Yeah, after work I wanna really sit and think about how to change deck-building for Shapers. Suddenly trashing cards isn’t that big a deal, and Stimhack got even more awesome. Building an Exile deck will be really interesting and different, I think.

HB (sorry, ETF) just left everyone else in the dust, though.

Inti doesn’t seem like an awful barrier breaker in a Shaper deck with datasuckers (to save influence instead of using influence on Corroder).

Aesop bait.

Atman might actually be good if the cost to break was 0.

Coupled with Datasuckers, then you might be able to do something interesting.

Hell, it also should’ve also been 0 cost to play, with the additional x credit cost for power counters.

However, as published it blows; too restrictive. They really didn’t want to give Shapers anything good. Damn, they should’ve just made this a subpar Criminal expansion, and then eventually made an actually good Shaper expansion.

Okay, here’s my initial impression of the strength of the new cards:

0.0 Cloak
1.0 Dagger
1.0 Chakana
2.5 Cyber-Cypher
2.0 Inti
2.5 Ice Analyzer
3.5 Daily Casts

2.0 Zed 1.0
1.5 Levy University
2.5 Bastion

1.0 Exploratory Romp
3.0 Freelance Coding Contract
2.5 Levy AR Lab Access
0.0 Monolith
2.5 Omni-Drive
1.5 Atman

3.5 Efficiency Committee
1.0 Alix T4LB07
3.0 Sentinel Defense Program
3.0 Cerebral Overwriter
3.5 Haas Arcology AI
4.0 Bioroid Efficiency Research
3.0 Howler
2.5 Ichi 2.0
3.0 Viktor 2.0

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Ok, time for a more thorough analysis of some of the Runner cards.

Cloak and Dagger:
I think these two cards should be evaluated together. Dagger will become significantly better once more Stealth cards are printed, but as of right now I am unsure of how fast it can be consistently set up. Dagger wants Datasuckers to handle higher strength ICE like Archer. Worth testing, but likely needs to develop before reaching full potential.

This is worse than Yog.0 and Gordian Blade. It might be decent if most people stop running code gates due to Kit. Works well with Escher, except that you need something to break the code gates beforehand too.

Terrible stats unsupported. Requires DataSuckers to make viable at all (notice a theme?). Easy Pawnshop food may make it worth playing as redundant barrier breakers that you plan on pawning away later.

Daily Casts:
I really like this card. A slower Sure Gamble + 1 credit. Viable in Andromeda.

Freelance Coding Contract:
Just want I want in my Exile deck, potential good elsewhere too. A very strong follow up to a Quality Time.

By a large margin the worst console in the game. Costs an insane amount, and yet has a worse ability than Toolbox. It’s ability doesn’t make any sense with it’s cost. And I do not understand why Shaper needed yet another way of dealing with damage.

Another card that really wants Datasucker to be viable. This card needs testing to see if it is valuable enough. EDIT: Changed mind, this is Shaper Femme.