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Creation and Control Spoilers!

Discuss the latest Creation and Control spoilers here. Wow, we got some crazy stuff.

Also of note Shaper card distribution:
5 events
4 hardware
3 resources
9 programs

I can’t wait to school all the poorly-conceived Professor builds that are sure to come up.

I really like the diversification Shapers are taking on though. I think both of those identities are difficult to play, but with a possible marginal advantage if utilized correctly. Kit’s my major concern though.

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So exciting, I love new cards so much. I was really hoping that Gooru would be a shaper and that he would look like morpheus.

Off hand, how much card support does exile have? Does test-run count as a heap install?

Retrieval Run
Clone Chip
Test Run maybe

looks like a fun deck to play using power of femme fatales.

Not sure if an exile deck would need it, but if we had some kind of re-balanced organ donor type card (discard to gain credits) this could be good.

What’s professor’s 1 influence going to be spent on? stimhack?

My best guess is either another fem or datasucker, OR a stimhack. I think he probably needs some more data packs ot really reach his potential.

Yeah, my guess is you’ll see a lot of bad Professor decks that would’ve just been better as Kate or CT. Can’t wait to meet the person playing a Replicator Professor deck :slight_smile:

Kit’s really right up my alley though… I’m looking forward to an early aggro shaper build, throw in a Sneakdoor and Escher, Tinkerings… good times.

@szymkodf Kit does look great, and I put together a version of your philly deck and played a game with it, one of my first thoughts was: wow this would be great with Kit.

Yeah man, turn 1 Indexing, haha. I’m actually gonna play a proxy’d Kit deck soon, looking forward to it. 3 Gordian, 2 Yog, 3 Crypsis, 3 Magnum, 2 Dino. All you need :slight_smile: the rest just trickery and economy…