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Crisium Link Video Series

Hey there, I’m Karl and I’ve made a Netrunner video. The series is titled Crisium Link and I’m aiming to release them bi-weekly, time alloying. I hope you all enjoy!

In the episode I dicuss a pair of cards from the recently released data pack ‘Business First’ that have the potential to shake Weyland’s game play in a pretty drastic way. Is Weyland going to be the fast advance king of this data pack cycle? Maybe if these cards work the way I think they might.


Here it is boys and girls, Crisium Link Episode 2! This video is a review of the latest data pack Salsette island.

Youtube video description

Karl is back with an all new episode of Crisium Link! This time he is reviewing the latest data pack for Android: Netrunner “Salsette Island”!

Buckle up because this video contains some awesome cards and combos! What kind of cards you ask? Well there is the first criminal AI icebreaker in the game, a replacement for the ‘soon’ to be phased out Plascrete Carapace and a NBN operation that’s a hard counter to I’ve Had Worse!

To top it all of he’s built a deck that includes a pair of cards in this data pack, curious? It’s quite different from what he’s done in the past!

Find the deck list at! https://netrunnerdb.com/en/deck/view/660285