Current Corp / Runner Meta

I’ve been a bit out of the loop as far as Netrunner goes for the last month. I know that CTM / IG are still good decks for Corp, and Whizzard /MaxXDLR are top dogs, but not sure about what else is being played.

Could you help me, oh benevolet Stimhackers? Specifically I’m looking for what is Tier 1 / 1.5 and example decklists.

Is Haley Cameras still good? Palana? Any Weyland? Criminal, such as as Andy Rebirth? I have heard Contract is leading a Criminal revival. Etc, etc, etc…


Put 3x contracts in any deck, instant tier 1.5.


Right now meta is constantly changing,my thoughts are following:

T1:CtM TempoTag,Dedicated IG,Hot Tubs,EoI SYNC
T1.5:Russian NEH,Foodcoats,Palana Rush

T1:Dumblefork,DLR MaxX,Au Revoir Andy,Apoc/Nexus Kate
T1.5:Spy Hayley,RegAss Anarch,RegAss Crim (mostly Andy)

With Temujin/Rumor Mill release I guess asset spam will getting hit,Foodcoats became harder and Palana totally wiped out,and any normal RegAss deck with Temujin would become much more viable.Some strong but not really viable decks atm (Haarp or something) will always jump out sometimes.Just my own opinion,hope it might helps you,I pretty like the current meta :slight_smile:

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Pretty much.
On the Corp side: Weyland BoN is getting hype but as far as I see no one’s cracked it. Argus is still performing well, especially with Temujin encouraging runs, but at the same time suffers because Temujin makes runners rich enough to dodge the traces. Other Weyland IDs haven’t been doing too much, though Hot Tub Gagarin, Blue Sun, and Good Ole’ Murder BABW still exist.
HB ETF is still one of the best decks you can pilot. Rumor Mill has hit Ash and Jeeves, but they can get out from under it using FA tools. Lots of money and not many frills is still good.
Jinteki PE is the same as it always is. RP is even more dead now, IG is still a very powerful deck, though I’ve been seeing more Hinkes kill style instead of a BioLock build. Palana has been hit very hard by Rumor Mill since it hits literally everything they can do to keep a Runner out of a server that they try to score 4/2’s out of. Other Jinteki IDs aren’t on my radar.
NBN is still a menace, Sync EoI and CtM AssetSpam being the biggest bogeymen on the block. NEH still exists, though the Astro nerf may have finally dethroned this deck. I’ve also seen a couple of Spark and Sol builds floating around. Honestly the only NBN IDs I don’t see are TWIY* and Making News.

For Runners: @TheBigBoy updated Dumblefork to fit new MWL and it’s still powerful, perhaps not as much as it used to be, but still very good. DLR MaxX took down NA Champs, courtesy of Dan again, but it’s a powerful deck in its own right, not just in his hands.

Rebirth Andy is seeing some popularity due to Temujin. Otherwise, Criminals have a hard time still. Temujin has done some work to revitalize Leela, Gabe, and Andy though.

Shapers is pretty much Nexus Kate, PPVP Kate (it’s back!), Apoc Kate, and Hayley Cameras. About that order power-level, too, though they are all roughly the same power, Hayley takes the longest to set up and thus the faster Corps tend to beat her before she locks the game down.

Sunny is making surprise appearances, brought out by the restriction of Astro and the surging of trace strategies from NBN. She’s still way too slow to take on even the slower FA offered by HB EtF.

This is my read on the meta. It may not be accurate.

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Any example lists for BoN, Argus, Rebirth Andy, and/or Cameras? I would like to play around with those a bit.

This is more or less the rebirth Andy I’m playing at the moment.

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Powerfull deck against the meta. Baroque decks have a chance.
By pure luck I played those each time I played vs Minh MaxX or new versions and it’s 5-0 for me now.

Minh Maxx have an extreme difficulties if the corp is making lots of money to trash assets (20-30 is enough) and can tank syphon, and have a recursivity engine that works.
It have extreme difficulties vs trash prog through Batty trash or such. It have extreme difficulties if the corp plays Closed Acounts, All Seing Eyes, Blacklist, Chronos Project or stuff like that. All of this is not in the meta, but works very well.

I played a deck that makes 60-80c a game if left alone then sandburg. Minh Maxx is not a threat there.

If Jinteki is any indicator, cover your god damn servers and expect Temujin Contract out of every single god damn deck. Haley? TC. Wizard? TC. Kate? TC. TC TC TC TC. Crim? Har… TC.

edit: just saw the same said above - yeah… I’ll leave this here just to reiterate it


I think Rebirth in Criminal is a massive trap. Especially with all the trace/tagging-based Corp decks around, atm. The link from Andy is way more impactful than any of the other Crim ID abilities.

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That’s surprisingly accurate. Whenever building a runner deck lately I’ve been always wanting it to have that link. Or Valencia, since there’s almost link there.

Also hoppers in every deck. It’s much nicer to pay 2c to fight CTM than it is to pay 2c and a click.


Which is why I often let the corp take the first few points then switch to Ian!


Sounds like your opponents are bad. DLR maxx isn’t unbeatable or the best deck, but basically everything you say here isn’t accurate given a good dlr Maxx player.

Meta seems runner favored right now. Corp win cons are pretty light and temujin is super strong. Don’t really have a corp I’m happy with. Runner has a bunch of options and I don’t know what’s tier 1 other than dlr maxx and whizzard, though there are other things certainly on that level.


MinhMaxx past turn 17-20 is burned out. If you play for very late game, you just win.
If you can make say 50c in those 20 rounds, you will win.

5-0 for now, with 5 opponents is just my experience, it doesn’t sounds like “unbeateble” to me.

I did not said it wasn’t close ! :slight_smile:
And as I said, I was super lucky to play mr-super-silver-bullet-deck against this ID each time : that leads to super crap match up vs all other runners. So basically, if I have high win ratio vs MinhMaxx, I have something like 30% vs other runners so what I say is not, totally not a solution.

But “unbeatable”, just, no ? What are you doing vs heavy recursion Crisium Grid ? Waiting to install 3 asset then see those trashed next turn ? Install a DLR, mill for 3, run archive and get double cricked ?

Do you know Crick’s a trap! ? :slight_smile:

I think Leela’s ability is really important against glacier decks. If it takes too long to rebirth into Leela and start bouncing ice, Andy can get locked out of the servers that make her money. Especially if you don’t have Kati Jones.

But it’s a good point, that you may not always want to rebirth even if you draw it.

I’m not sure if that’s true with TC out. Or at least, not true in the vast majority of cases. It’s not like ST, where all the corp had to do was make it cost at least 2 to get into servers to shut down Andy’s economy. With TC, at worst it’s a 4 credit discount to get into the server (and you still get the access).

I’ve taken out all my ST and Kati’s for TC and Career Fairs and it’s been pretty nice. I might add one ST back in, for the rare times when you double-down on the run economy.

Yeah, a 4 credit discount is always good on R&D, but it still sucks if it costs 10 to get in. Leela is really, really good against ETF. Eli is one cheaper with Paperclip, thank god, but Ichi is still so expensive to break - you don’t want ETF stacking them.

Also, I would still play sec testing. It’s so good in combination with Desperado, Temujin and Turning Wheel.

  1. Run R&D once for 7c and a wheel counter.
  2. Run R&D again for 5c and see a card, get an agenda or wheel counter.
  3. If you didn’t see an agenda, you can run again for 5c and see 2 cards.

Yeah, I think adding 1-2 ST is what I’ll try next, but spots are so tight. With the Career Fair package, I have:

  • 3x Career Fair
  • 3x Daily Casts
  • 3x Earthrise Hotel
  • 3x Temujin Contract

I also still have 3x Dirty Laundry, because it works with TC and it’s still very nice in Andy’s opening hand.

I forgot to mention that I’m also running Sneakdoor. If you’re worried about glacier, try a couple of Sneakdoor. It’s really hard (even for HB glacier) to tax out TC on all 3 centrals.

I can have TC on HQ, which they’ll try to fortify first anyway. Then out comes Sneakdoor, and you can make that sweet sweet TC money and still get TW counters. Once they have Archives fortified, you can put your next TC on R&D and get discounted/cheap runs since they already put in a lot of effort to defend the other two centrals (and probably a remote). Play FtE and use all your TW counters on R&D for the win a lot of the time.

This is kind of off-topic. I asked what the current Corp / Runner meta was like and for decklists. So far, got one list. Please, guys, feed me lists!

@tvaduva, do you have a list I can check out? I’m very interested in these Andy decks. She’s my home girl from way back.

If you came back to Mead Hall Jeff and I has the Crim tech.

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Here’s my current list:

Andromeda: Dispossessed Ristie

Event (16)

Hardware (6)

Resource (13)

Icebreaker (5)

Program (5)

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