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Cyberpunk Soundtracks 2.0 FUNDED on Kickstarter!

Cyberpunk Soundtracks 2.0 is a collection of tabletop gaming soundscapes and sound effects to set the mood and inspire creative gaming sessions for cyberpunk and science fiction themed games like Shadowrun, Android, Netrunner, Cyberpunk 2020, CyberSpace, Interface Zero or futuristic miniatures games like CAV, Robotech, Heavy Gear, Warhammer 40K, Battletech and so on!

This is my fifth Kickstarter audio project, my previous successfully funded collections are also available to backers for about 28 hours of tabletop gaming audio enhancement!

The project is already funded with a few more days to go and is reaching for stretch goals now! Please check it out here:


Thanks for listening!


Looks like a great project, but it seems a little expensive to me. :frowning:

I think the price tag is more than fair, you get a “Non-exclusive commercial use” license for all of the tracks.

Quote from her kickstarter page:
“Most of the other tabletop gaming audio projects out there restrict the use of the soundtracks to non-commercial home use only. I am not placing that restriction. The purchase of this collection of music, effects and ambient sounds also gives you royalty free non-exclusive permission to use them in your own commercial or creative project like a podcast, video game, app, play, movie, etc. ‘Non-exclusive’ because everyone else who purchases the collection is allowed to use them as well.”