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Deck Export to Word/PDF file?

Hey everyone!

Yes, I’m still alive.
Yes, Trace Five will stream again (I was super sick for a week plus after Worlds :sweat_smile: ).

I wanted to ask though something regarding printing cards. I have a good friend that recently started Netrunner (cuz I told him how it is the best card game this world has ever seen) and he was asking me how he can easily print out specific decklists if he wanted to.

So my question is, instead of taking the pictures of images one by one and putting them in the right size in Word in order to print them later, is there an easier to just export a decklist into a ready Word/PDF file that he can use to print the cards?

Thanks in advance for all responses and help.

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Yes there is :slight_smile:


That link isn’t working for me. It’s this : https://proxynexus.net/ isn’t it?


Yes of course :sweat_smile:

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