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[Deck] My Bizarre Rielle R&D Deck

Identity: Rielle “Kit” Peddler: Transhuman
Event (12)
3 Diesel
3 Freelance Coding Contract
3 Levy AR Lab Access
3 Sure Gamble
Hardware (3)
3 R&D Interface
Program (14)
3 Chakana
3 Cloak
1 Cyber-Cypher
1 Dagger
3 Leprechaun
1 Medium•••
1 Refractor
1 Snowball
Resource (16)
3 Daily Casts
1 Duggar’s••••
1 Kati Jones
2 New Angeles City Hall
3 Personal Workshop
3 Public Sympathy
3 Rachel Beckman•••
The idea behind this deck is to have few ICEbreakers and several RnD-centric cards, and to be able to pull what I need using Duggar’s, and immediately be able to afford to install it using Freelance Coding Contracts, and able to play them in the same turn using Rachel Beckman, which I protect with New Angeles City Hall. Then, when I’ve done this enough, I recycle my deck using Levy AR Access. Any suggestions for improvement?

I don’t consider 14 programs to be enough to run Freelance Coding Contract. At 31% programs, when you draw 10 cards you’ll only have drawn 3 programs on average and you probably want to keep some of them.

I would switch a lot of non-program cards for programs, try to achieve 25 programs. For example, replace Daily Casts with Magnum Opus. Sahasrara could work instead of Kati, etc.

Let me know how this turns out!

Personally I find that in most cases where FCC would be good, modded is better. Modded is far too often overlooked, and it is amazing. Consider that and opus. You can run an entire deck on just opus and modded.

Any time you are in an overdraw situation Duggar qt. I find modded to be Superb.

I would consider logos as your console to pull Duggar.

If you have 5actions you may like to consider notoriety.

all nighter for duggars turn?