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[DECK PRIMER] "1441" : Titan Transnational Hyper Fast Advance

They are narrow, but worth it. Particularly WIll’o is a real pain in the ass, because there is nothing you can do against it…

So I just games against @Calimsha and his Kate deck. Clot was not the big problem, in fact I could fast advance more or less normally :slight_smile: He still owned me though in 3 games, while I gave the win away in another one due to bad discard (i was at 6 points only needing one more hostile, had biotic in hand and discarded fast track… cyberdex was installed for clot). Kate is certainly the most difficult one to play against, particularly when the kate player knows what I am up to.

Thing is, you still need 10 creds to FA an Atlas and need a cvs on board. That’s a lot of work for something not that reliable, especially against Kate who can trash your cvs when you install them. Sure it can be a wotw but as you could see I was able to find a way or another to go through your server even if you managed to pull out 2-3 wotw per game.

I would have used. Clot anyway on hostile takeover, FA or not :wink:

But since Kate has nothing to keep me poor, I do usually have those 10 credits spare :wink:
She is the most delicate matchup, no doubt. But you wont lose every game.
One of our four games was blundered away from me and another one got lost
because you found 2x Cleaners in your makers Eye, when I was two turns away from winning :wink:
But that’s the variance, so nothing to complain about :wink:

Something wrong with your eye there? :wink:


Some guy in a back alley just shoved this glowy disc thing in it.

I’m taking this to a GNK on Saturday. Looking forward to seeing how this runs in my group.

(Obligatory :wink: )

Deck looks fun. I’ll probs tool around with it. Thanks for sharin

@simonmoon @Dothanite When you play, there is only one big thing: Be ballsy. Seriously.

Standard Opening Moves I play are: ICE HQ, Eco, Fast Track Hostile Takeover.
Or even Project Atlas if after rezzing HQ ICE you stay at 7 or more credits and have a Biotic in hand :slight_smile:
You want to begin steamrolling as early as possible. Decreasing agenda density in R&D. Making money from Hostiles…
You have the early game advantage. Use it and put the runner balls to the walls. If you happen to test it online,
let me know and I am sure we might be able to set up a game or two.

How does this stack up against Eater/Keyhole? The lack of Crisium Grid or any particularly taxing ice makes it seem like that would be a rough matchup.

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@ModoPeregrino I cannot really tell yet, as I haven’t encountered but one Eater Keyhole deck. I lost that game, but not through Eater/Keyhole but because of the 9 agendas I play 4 were in my mulliganed starting hand.
Will’o ertainly helps against Eater Keyhole, also they need to run rather often due the low density.
But I have too little actual experience with Eather/Keyhole to properly judge it.

Regarding 1441: United Nations Security Council, Resolution 1441. Among other things the resolution was an official accusation that Saddam Husein was acting in violation of treaty by further development of WMDs and other missiles. Being a super-kill-deck, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons, if even on the basis of flavor only.

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Haha, that is even further away. I’ll give it a small hint: The number “1441” is part of a URL…
Think more in the area of speed than of kill, as that is the primary win condition, while double Punitive
is generally either situational or in lose-lose situations for the runner.

Is it about xkcd #1441?

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You are on the absolute right Track, and actually the xkcd fits very nice, but that’s coincidental. But if you replace “xkcd.com” with something Else, you will find my inspiration!

NEWSFLASH!!! I think I have found a substantial improvement, that particularly makes the Kate Matchup a lot better, but also against MaxX and Parasite recursion:

-1 Cleaners +2 Chronos Project -1 ???, probably beanstalk or Fast Track.

Also this prevents you having to score a 5/3 when both an atlas and a hostile are stolen.
This is untested because I had the idea while taking a walk. But what do you think? This might really give this deck teeth against Kate!!!

@Donathite: if it is not too late, please consider that change!! Take out either fast track or beanstalk royalties… Or a punitive.


Figured I’d update you all after the GNK.

I took @Marsellus’s updated 1441 deck to a GNK I was TOing. 15 people, wide range of player skill. The deck lost twice - once in Swiss and once in the top cut, taking me to third place.

The two losses were both MaxX. Jeremy H, the winner of the day, drew and played the last card of his deck and knocked me out with Wanton Destruction. The other loss was to Keyhole/Eater.

Porous servers are not fun when you are playing competent players. The biggest threat to this deck is a R&D lock, and CVS doesn’t really do much against that. I’m actually surprised there isn’t a Crisium or two in here.

I never once played Chronos Project. It was too much of a tempo hit to play it down unprotected or to use Biotic for something that’s not Atlas. It would not have helped much in either MaxX loss, either. Jeremy, for example, drew the last card in his deck and it just so happened to be the Wanton he needed.

Fun deck, though. Favorite play was the turn three kill my first round. I had four credits, Kate had five. She scored the GT from R&D on his last turn. I atlas’d up the Punitive, clicked twice for credits and felt guilty as we went to game 2.

Sorry Sir, I´ll have to stop you right there. Marsellus is talking about German regionals. We´re pretty drunk before the event starts. Also, had some good wins against people with hangovers this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

also, this:

Irregular Webcomics #1441


Probably the decision on Crisium Grid is extremely meta-dependent. Yes, it sucks to lose against Keyhole/Eater. But I encounter it a lot less
than I encounter Clot. So I really want the CVS. Against Keyhole-Eater you likely want the Will’O.

Up to now, I really like Paywall Implementation.
I actually hardly score Chronos Project. But I really think that it makes a difference, if not for potentially punishing MaxX, Noise or Kate, then at least for being a safety net in case the Runner scores Atlas and Hostile.

@failtech: Nope, that comic is also not what I am referring to :wink:

Oh, and @Dothanite glad you had fun at the GNK plus a third place sounds decent. How did your runner fare?