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Deckspace: A Street Chess Primer

Originally published at: http://stimhack.com/deckspace-a-street-chess-primer/

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Really liked the detail put into the article. +1.

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Of course, this means that in one game out of four you’ll look at a whopping 18 cards and fail to see a single Deep Red.

I swear that this happens to me every single time I try to play Street Chess until I give up and play a different deck.

Love the article! this is one of the very few “huge card combo that’s really good if you get all 6 cards out” decks that is actually playable.

One hint against Blue sun: they can’t bounce unrezzed ice; try to have your pawns come to rest on a face down card and they’ll have to trash their ICE just like everyone else. Once you have all 3 pawns going, you can split them up so that they can’t know out the whole combo in one go.


Can someone tell me why Pawns behave differently to other pieces with regards moving off Scheherezade?

A little confused :confused: Great article btw. Enjoyed reading it.

Crappy templating :frowning:


Because Pawn’s click ability has no restrictions where it can be moved from. The other caïssas can be moved only if they are unhosted, or hosted on a piece of ice. If they are hosted on something that is not an ice, they’re stuck.

Well, the Pawn wording is terrible for sure. It implies that if Pawn is hosted on the Scheherazade and you make a successful run, the “if able” clause on Pawn is not fulfilled and “otherwise” clause fires. I believe this was the reason to errata Pawn in the FFG’s FAQ.

That sadly makes a lot of sense re: wording. Silly FFG

Great article. Thanks for the fine details in deck building. I’ve played Street Chess Exile before because I yearn for both an effective Exile deck and the fun of a hyper-efficient, run-based economy. Sadly, I’ve never had my attempts at the deck work out all that well, but this article will make my eventual, inevitable return to the archetype go better.

With the current card pool, Exile really wants a special ability that says “ignore the first X points of influence cost from Anarch cards”.

Yeah, I find it very lamentable that non-Pawn caissa cards can’t benefit from Scheherezade. It seems pretty clear that they were meant to, and it’s just sloppy writing and a refusal to re-print/errata that keeps it from happening.


Awesome article. I liked the really granular view of a deck archetype, looking forward to see more like it in the future.

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Indeed. It may have even been playable if you could have done so.

Is Sage worth a try in this deck? You are assured to have 3 extra memory.

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And perhaps Data Folding in place of Daily Casts.


Might be worth a try, but I doubt it would displace Atman; you’d always need a Killer on the side, and you’d be breaking subs for 2 credits each, which is hardly the path to economical runs. Also, Sage is 2 MU to Atman’s 1, which makes it awkward in a memory-starved deck.

This, however, is very interesting; more click-light economy. I would want to run both, but finding cards to cut is very difficult.

Oh, I did not notice that it costs 2 creds/sub. Nevermind!

Exile is my favorite ID, and yet I just can’t get behind this deck. The combo takes way too long to set up for my tastes in the current meta.

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Although people rag on it for being what it is - Trade In might be a good consideration in this archetype if you’ve been running into that kind of trouble, and want to give this another go in the future… it’ll ensure that the combo piece comes out quicker (and/or to get you a Plascrete on the fly. Whatevz yo)

Anybody willing to explain why the same Pawn can’t be re-installed over and over again? Maybe I’m just stupid, but I’m not understanding what in the wording doesn’t allow it. I played against a version of this where my opponent just re-installed the same knights over and over and the economy and card draw was ridiculous. It would have been nice to halt that with a sound explanation and ruling instead of getting smoked. Thanks in advance.