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Dirt (Reina Supplier Blackmail)

Just posted this up on NRDB, I have played a handful of games with it over the past few days with mixed success. Even when you lose, it’s a lot of fun. NRDB has a primer, as well. Interested to hear what people here think, as I value opinions here more than anywhere. Keep in mind, this is not a tier 1 or even 2 deck, but it can win and it is fun!

Dirt 1.0 (Reina Supplier Blackmail with Primer)

Reina Roja: Freedom Fighter (Mala Tempora)

Event (9)

Hardware (6)

Resource (28)

Icebreaker (3)

15 influence spent (max 15)
46 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Up and Over

Decklist published on NetrunnerDB.

You are aware that the The Supplier–Activist Support combo is, in fact, a nonbo? Just making sure!

No idea what a nonbo is but I assume you didn’t read the description on NRDB. Thanks!

I think he just means that if you host Activist Support on The Supplier, when it comes off the Supplier at the start of your turn it doesn’t trigger (like Daily Casts). So you have to take or dodge the tag, still.

(But that’s not what you’re doing! You’re using NACH! I read the primer!)


Your city hall disappears when you steal agendas. Do you take the tag at that point? Looks cool and fun. Might give it a spin on OCTGN.

I really like inject in this deck. Feed that supplier for cheap!

Sometimes you will have to. Many times, you will have one or both other NACH in hand to install after one trashes.

I did something similar to this a while back. I’ve tried Iain Activist support too (that seems to make the most sense). In my deck I go for triple mediums and mass install, hopefully with Grimoire out, to try to win in a real hurry, with a couple of Blackmail runs.

The really dumb part of this deck is that it runs the Bagbiter/Procon synergy. Once you get both of those out you can just draw 4 each turn until you get your combo, and end up with a ton of money.

It is good to lay down a Darwin + cyberfeeder ASAP as a little misdirection. The Corp will think that you are counting on Darwin to break stuff and waiting until it’s at reasonable strength, and so hopefully you can gain a turn or two due to purges every 4 turns or so.

I think I played this once on OCTGN and was all ready to make the glory run next turn and the corp installed Caprices over HQ and R&D. :frowning:

dumb noise deck

Noise: Hacker Extraordinaire (Core Set)

Event (12)

Hardware (5)

Resource (17)

Icebreaker (2)

Program (9)

15 influence spent (max 15)
45 cards (min 45)
Cards up to Honor and Profit

Deck built on NetrunnerDB.

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Caprice really hurts. PriReq for big ICE over RND really hurts my build, too. Barring that, I’d say Glacier, especially ETF/BS is the best match-up. I just sit back while they install ICE 3 deep and crank to 40+ credits… Then walk through it all and snag Agendas haha

I’ve been wanting to try Bagbiter, too. Maybe I’ll fit him into my Andy version of this. I would run Iain, but for the lack of influence.

Mind if I take this deck for a spin on my stream, loafy? Seems like it would be fun to watch.

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be my guest! I would recommend removing HQI for another RDI, I think.

So why did you pick Reina and not Whizzard? If you ran Whizz you could scrap the scrubbers to fit in something else. Hell, maybe even Quetzal to combat the prevalence of Blue Sun big ice. Just a thought.

Edit: Nevermind, I got it, the link.

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I have a feeling that Armitage might be a bit too slow for this deck. Considering you’re rushing for ProCon then Supplier, Armitage relative to ProCon is the difference of a credit vs a card per use. If you factor in the click to install and the limited use, it comes up to something like 0.6 credits vs a card which isn’t that attractive imo. I personally would swap 1 to 2 Armitages for Liberated Accounts to bring up the click efficiency. It might be a problem to install early game but mid-game onwards your economy seems strong enough to accommodate it.

I agree that Aesop’s has no space in this deck, but more for influence reason than a lack of cards to pawn. Aside from Activist Support, Supplier’d Activist Supports are an Easy Mark, Daily Casts have a slightly boosted return (goes from -3/-1/1/3/5 to -3/-1/1/6, net +2 with Supplier), Armitage becomes more valuable, extra Global Secs can be pawned off as well as NACH if you expect to blackmail for agendas that turn. So in terms of cards to used Aesop’s on, I think this deck has sufficient targets.

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I would definitely agree; there are plenty of targets. I would like to run Aesop’s, but a singleton doesn’t seem worth it, and any more means cutting things more crucial to the framework. That’s not to say there isn’t a build with Aesop’s out there, but I don’t think it can be worked into this one.

Great point about Armitage; I had considered the inefficiency, but maybe not enough. It’s definitely worth testing Liberated Accounts, especially for late game. They can fuel a Crypsis run in 1 or 2 clicks, as opposed to Armitage which usually forces you to spend a whole turn clicking for credits and then run next turn.