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Eli 1.0

Hi guys,
I somehow managed to lose an Eli 1.0 over the weekend at UK Nationals so this is just a general plea to the community to see if a) anyone has found him (unlikely) or b) if anyone has a spare they would consider selling as a single? I’ve heard he appears in the original set of draft packs so perhaps somebody has one knocking around?


I would ask on Reddit as well if you havent already. Exposure is Exposure, and a fair number of UK members are there i believe.

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Doesn’t have to be from UK if someone is selling a single.

Meant for the ‘if someone found a lost one’

Reddit doesnt allow personal selling/buying posts, so just ask for the lost eli. :wink:

Out of stock but might be worth emailing them. http://www.androidnetrunner.com/product/eli-1-0/

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Double check with people in your area who draft the game, i accumulated a second set of Eli through draft packs.

If it was in the first draft set we ran one of those in Brum, I’ll ask the guys who took part if anyone picked one up.

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Great, thanks @Vapo, much appreciated.

I have a couple of extra located in the US. You are welcome to one but it might take a bit to ship across the pond…

Thanks @Slakker, much appreciated. It shouldn’t be too expensive to just send as a letter. I’d rather do that than pay for a whole new data pack. I’ll see if @Vapo comes up with one more locally, but if not I’d be happy to pay P&P costs. Many thanks!