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Etiquette tips, online and IRL

What are some tips you’d offer to a new Jinteki.net player to fit into the culture of the site, to be a good competitor and opponent, and to make for the most positive experience?

Related query - what are some things kitchen table players should try to do/learn before they go to their first in-store event?

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Don’t get mad


For jinteki - beyond “not getting mad,” really just a “gl, HF” at the beginning and a “GG” at the end are most of what you need. If you need to make any manual adjustments (adding counters, pulling a card back from the heap, whatever) just check in with the chat box first.

For in person, some of the not-so-obvious things that I find helpful: Not too many people do this, but I like it when people (and I try to do this myself) splay their credits like a bank teller any time they are cashing in for a larger denomination. Also, announcing your actions out loud by click number (e.g. “Click 1: Jackson,” “Click 2: Install,” etc.) helps both players keep track.


On Jinteki: don’t ragequit. Avoid saltiness at all cost and complain politely. Say ‘gl hf’ at the beginning of the game and ‘gg’ at the end. Allow your opponent to take back clicks when necessary.

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For Jinteki:

Say hi and “shake the hand” of your opponent by wishing him good luck and so on.

Don’t ragequit the moment something goes wrong. If you want to concede, do so, say goodbye (or gg) and wait for your opponent to answer. Leaving without saying anything is pretty rude.

Don’t blame your opponent for your loss. First, it’s rude, second, chances are it’s your own fault.


Track your clicks and your opponent’s with tokens


Thanks, everybody! The old adage not to be a jerk seems to be the rule of the day.

If it’s your first store champ, you may have trouble finishing 2 games in 65 minutes. If you are playing against a player who seems competitive, and they’re winning the second game but likely to get a timed win, they will appreciate it if you say something like ‘don’t worry, if this game goes to time I’ll concede to you.’. They’ll be happy, and you won’t have to stress about playing quickly to avoid irritating them. That’s because full wins are worth more points than timed wins.