Euregio Championship IV, 8th November 2015, Aachen, Germany

The 4th Android Netrunner Euregio Championship 2015
will take place on the 8th of November and is part of the MetaArena Tour.
Organizer: Zwobot
Date: Sunday, 8.11.2015
Location: KHG Aachen, Pontstr. 74-76, 52062 Aachen, Germany
Format: Swiss, 5 to 7 rounds

Registration for players 9:00 till 9:30, Starting time first round 10:00. End of Tournament approx. 17.30, then award ceremony.

Registration :
sign up by sending an e-mail with the subject “Registration Netrunner
Euregio 2015” to We need your name, surname,
e-mail and mobile number. Additionally you can decide on an Alias, else
we take your name and the first letter of your family name when we
publish the results.
The starting fee will be 10€ which you have to pay on-site after checking in at the TO desk.
signing up, attendees comply with the publication of their names (in
the format described above), decklists and photographs from the

Tournament Rules:
We will play according to
Android: Netrunner core set rulebook, effective FAQ and Floor Rules
(Competitive Event Tournament Play Tier) by FFG.
Every participant
must bring one legal tournament deck for runner and corp, not dividable
typewritten decklists of those with his or her name on it, a set
official Android: Netrunner tokens.

Cardpool: Everything up too and including Data&Destiny

Language: All allowed

Participant Limit: 40

Challenge cup: The victor gets the Challenge Cup until the next Euregio Championship, where he can defend its title.

Price pool:
Will be announced!

TO: Zwobot


Of linguistic interest: anyone know why Europeans tend to say “price pool” instead of “prize pool”? I’ve noticed it before but since it came up here, I was curious if anyone knew the history there.

I think in German, price and prize are the same word (der Preis). So I think it’s just guessing that English is the same.


It is a running gag, i do it since the first installment of the Euregio and will do it till the 12th and last :slight_smile:


Is there a reasoning behind hosting this at the same weekend as worlds?

Well, lots of Europeans can’t afford to make the trip to the US. And it’s waiting for the Team Covenant or Peachhack coverage to get good commentary on the games.

Also, much better price support than Worlds! :slight_smile:

I’m not arguing that lots of europeans cannot go to worlds, just that it seems like unfortunate planning.
For me I would have liked to attend the Euregio but as I already have a Worlds ticket it became a easy choice and I think that there are several other that like to travel within europe for tournaments that cannot attend for the same reason.

I was somewhat curious if there was discussion prior to hosting this at the same time as worlds and if so what where the reasons to do so?

I’m in the same position bro

Yes there is a reason, it will occur at the same time as my boardgame convention “W3” and the date was fixxed by me on the 18.11.2014. Then i did not know when worlds would take place.
I am glad to hear that you have tickets and wish you all the best, we will try to display the live coverage from worlds the whole weekend.
Price Support will be announced after the Spiel fair in Essen.

I suggest you stream live coverage from Euregio so those poor people at worlds don’t feel left out.


I find it interesting that offense is taken from a statement about a large international Netrunner tournament having a confliting schedule with the only major FFG-sanctioned Netrunner tournament during this timeframe.

While it doesn’t seem like there is something that can be done this year, I hope we can see these tournaments on different weekends next year since the Euregio seems like a great tournament and I would really like to attend!

40 player max. either way, so more people playing Netrunner makes it better, no? Though it’s sad we can’t beat people like ff0x or Calimsha that day, it does open up new opportunities to meet other players.
And I’m sure there are many more Euregio’s to come, as well as other events in the region, so you’ll be able to meet all these fantastic people later!!

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Nest Euregio the fith will be directly after Storechampionships, like this year with a participiation cap at 160 players, like this year.