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Exchange of alternative artwork cards (someone looking for NBN - Making News?)

Hi netrunner players!

I’m looking for players in North America for an exchange of alternative artwork cards. I can offer NBN – Making News Alternative Artwork from the Chronos Protocol Tour (in German) and are looking for Alternative Artwork of Gabriel Santiago and Kate “Mac” McCaffrey. Write me a PM for a photo of the NBN card and further information.

I’m a player from Germany who participated in several Chronos, so I have NBN left to trade. Usually I play NBN, Weyland and Shaper, Criminals in my local play group in Berlin. Unfortunately we got no Gabes at all and much too few Kates here in Europe.

Sweet, sent a PM about Gabe.

Thanks to jerklin I traded a Gabe.

I have one more NBN - Making New Alternative Artwork to trade for a Kate “Mac” McCaffrey Alternative Artwork. Anyone interested?

If anyone is still looking for a Making News, I can offer one (English version) in exchange for a Gabriel as well.

Same as me. I’ve got 3 Making News (eventually 4) and I would like to trade for either an alternate Gabe, or alternate Datasucker.

Still looking for an alternate art Kate in English, could offer one in German or other promos as well. Just send a PM and we can work something out.