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Experiment: Unlimited Influence

Ran a search; didn’t find a thread of this ilk.

What would the best decks look like, if influence were unlimited? I leave this challenge in much more capable hands than mine. Runner and Corp decks alike!

NBN with 3 biotics, 3 elis, and 2 or 3 scorches.

Best runner would be meta-dependent – if my corp prediction is right, then whizzard or noise with 3 SMC 3 test run 3 scavenge.

Thinking about it more, I think it might shift NBN into a richer style of deck, rather than the broke-half-the-time popup-window/marked-accounts build we see today. I have thought for a while that a rush-oriented build with tollbooths, rsvps, and melange mining corp is almost, but not quite there. Infinite influence giving access to great midrange ice like ichi 1.0 might make that strategy end up a little stronger.

Oh man. Can you imagine if astrobiotics could run 3x komainu without breaking a sweat. It would be a bloodbath.

Komainu probably pretty weak in an environment in which 3 datasucker 3 parasite 3 clone chip 3 desperado is a staple and costs you nothing in terms of influence.


Shinobi all. day. long.