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Face-Up Cards Only: The Mumbad Const. Co. Story


I tried it! But around the time my Whizzard opponent and I just mutually agreed I was at “infinite” money from letting it run for something like 20 turns because I already had zillions of dollars from Diversified Portfolio and triple Turtlebacks, I decided the slot might be better spent elsewhere.

In a version that didn’t want to run Turtlebacks, though, for whatever reason, I think Bankers’ Group is great. It definitely exceeded my expectations.


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Would love to see a full list @ErikTwice[/quote]
Took it to a tournament today and it’s garbage. No matter what you do, you simply do not have enough money and the massive amounts of Employee Strike around here makes it unplayable.


It seems you forgot to play The News Now Hour


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It seems you forgot to play The News Now Hour[/quote]
The joke was worth the wait.


It was only after that I noticed I was a tad bit fashionably late


Really late reply, but as you said, you could rez the junebug and then use the paid ability of mumbad construction to load it up with advancement counters during 4.3 and the runner would have to eat the ambush.

Just replying to note that this strategy would then not be viable in Gagarin, as the additional cost of 1c would allow the runner to deny acces to the trap by denying the additional cost. Really sad :frowning:


That’s such a solid idea for making traps work, and I think we’re all going to have to make traps soon


It does make some interesting interactions.

// jank mode enabled
You could use Plan B to score non public agenda’s.
Drop a Plan B in a remote. If the runner checks it, advance it, and score and agenda from HQ.

You could force a run in Plan B by installing an upgrade next to it? What upgrades have to be run?

Also: Jeeves + PAD Factory.
Start Turn: Gain credits from drip economy. + click PAD Factory 3 times for 3 advancement tokens on Mumbad Construction Co. Along with the one it got at the start of turn, that makes 4.
Jeeves gives an extra click: install a 4/2, then pay 8 to immedeatly score it.

Capital investors (3 clicks for 6c) and GRNDL Refinery (Pad factory 3x, then activate it with Jeeves for 12c) generate money with the same engine?

Jeeves Alliance cost is paid by 3 Encryption Protocol (protect those assets) and a combination of Team Sponsorship/Magnet?

Tech startup/Museum of History could make it really fast, no?
// jank mode disabled.


That’s some serious Jank right there, son.

I’m so proud.