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FFG Floor Rules

Always was, I’m sure. Would be worth it.

I played in two ANRPC events this past weekend. I may have heard judge calls twice, maybe, and zero incidents.

So much for money ruining the game.


clearly after reaching a scoring window by being able to rez tollbooth, only to have the runner drop SMC and stimhack in a femme, one should be able to cuss in some manner.

there isn’t a way to legislate pricks. While you may be concerned about it, any real effort to legislate pricks would suck the fun and joy out of tournaments anyways. The best tool against such things is to not offer prizes of real substance, which they currently employ.

one of the better habits i’ve been able to train myself into, to save myself from getting burned on immediately showing the card by mistake. still many others i need to make part of my routine!


I’m training myself to ask “Do you want to jack out?” instead. This is both more technically correct, and produces occasional wonderful results.


Install the agenda, look at your hand for a bit, give it a few shuffles, look at the board state, play shipment. Plenty of time for a clot response.

i’ve heard of some people doing the “access?” when someone is siphoning, hoping the runner will pull a card and only afterward realize they were siphoning. very mean!

on the topic of floor rules, i posted this story last night that some people might find amusing.


It’s important to ask though. Actually, it’s very important with siphon to confirm they wish to continue/don’t want to jack out. What if I want to rez Dedicated Response Teams and a successful run without Siphon will lead to a potential SEA-Scorch?

Not mean. Just technically correct. I’ll take a forgotten siphon though. :wink:

Even that does not cover every situation. If the corp has either 2x Astro or SanSan in a remote and Astro scored, they can score a Breaking News immediately after installing it. If the corp has at least one Astro token and a possible SSCG in a remote, they would need to ask for reaction before every single click they spend.


The internationally recognised symbol for clot window is to install and raise your right eyebrow at your opponent.

They either then say “whatever, score it” or something like “not yet” and wait for an advance before a flurry of cards everywhere.

The only way to make things simpler is to ban NEH as is only right and proper.


And what if the runner has a Hades Shard down, with facedown (potentially agendas) in archives? Any install could be Jackson. Again, the corp should be asking for reaction before every single click they spend.

(Even worse, with cards like Queen’s Gambit, Muertos Gang Member, Drive By and the Shards, the runner should be asking for a response after every click they spend if there’s a single facedown remote!)

As a Clot player (#SlotTheClot), if there’s any possibility for the corp to insta-score an agenda without giving the runner a timing window to use clot, you can bet that I will play my clot before the start of the corp turn.
And I expect any players to do the same.


I assume the ANRPC will adopt the FFG Floor Rules for their tournaments? Would the tournaments be competitive or premier tier?

Regionals are premier tier, so presumably ANRPC events should be the same.

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We should all really play like robots, or on OCTGN. Only way to be safe.


I hate those “Spags is lagging” popups.


The answer is ‘yes’. ANRPC qualifiers are SC equivalent in nature, and the LCQs/Finals were Regional level.

This on OCTGN or IRL?

Not to be a pedantic jerk, but Clot doesn’t have any triggers, and neither does Self-Modifying Code or Clone Chip (or whatever). It’s talking about triggers for triggered abilities, not costs for paid abilities. Playing too quickly and making your opponent miss a trigger would be like if the Corp’s turn begins but they rush right into the mandatory draw and resolve Daily Business Show (1.3), not giving the Runner a chance to draw a card from Drug Dealer (1.2).


The only two times I saw at the finals were at like table 9 or something, and it was more a rules question than a dispute. The question was whether you could take the tag from Snatch and Grab and then prevent that tag with NACH without losing a connection. After that, there was another related rules question that I can’t recall along a similar line, but both players were happy with the solution (well, one of them wasn’t glad to see Bagbiter bite the dust, but what can you do?).

@Daine was spot on with his ruling and very clear on his explanation.


So are you saying then that it’s perfectly reasonable for the Corp to play at light speed to prevent a Clot? (you know, since it’s not a trigger…)

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No, not at all. I’m just saying that the rule @ulrikdan quoted doesn’t have anything to do with Clot’s timing.