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FFG Game Centre - What's it like?


I’ve booked in to go to Worlds this year, and was wondering if anyone’s got a view on the game centre?

It mentions beer and food - is there an actual bar? Is it near anything remotely like night life? Is Roseville a desolate Scorched Earth, devoid of activity - or an intoxicating mix of Wyldside and Earthrise Hotel?

Is getting to The Big City or somewhere exciting easily doable?

Obviously the party will be wherever I am, but for other people - what’s the local area and facilities like? (We need to know whether to buy loads of duty free Gin in the airport.)




The beer at FFG is local, and good. Food selection is limited, but decent. There’s no nightlife in Roseville, but you’re a 10-minute drive from downtown Minneapolis, which has excellent dining and drinking options.


There is an excellent bar and grill called Grumpy’s really close to FFG. It is a Midwest hick bar as far as clientele, and it’s not particularly jumping, but the bartenders are nerds. The food is also awesome, and the beer selection is pretty big. Lots of local brews.


The game center itself is amazing. So many games. So so many games…

What you’re looking for is the hot tub at the Radisson


I’ve heard rumors about this hot tub. Hope it lives up to the hype this year.

The Twin Cities have a ton of awesome other things to do. Minneapolis has you covered if you’re into the Wyldside stuff.

As for the FFG Center itself, well, it’s big and clean and well-staffed. The food is good although the menu is a bit limited. They serve Surly Furious on tap, which was already my absolute favorite beer, so that’s major points in my book too.

There’s a pretty regular group of us who’s usually in there every Monday night for Netrunner, so if anyone is ever in the area and wants a game, come on in.


If this is a lead into you telling me you’ve got a Whirlpool in your room, you’re going to need to buy me dinner first.


I hope you like cheese steaks then.

I think I saw the Bad Publicity guys eat 6 poutines while they were there, so it must be pretty passable.

Maybe I’ll have to bring some of my own beer this time XD

The event center is a really nice facility. The food has a touch of “foodie”-ness to it but over all good. The beer selection is pretty good, no bar. They keep it very clean. Most importantly the gamer-funk index is one of the lowest in the state.

The location in roseville is just off of a dedicated commercial zone erected around an sizeabale indoor shopping mall. The restaurant flare is primarily the typical type of establishments found in that type of area, mostly chains.

You’ll have to define what is “exciting” as far as getting out of roseville, or finding something to do at night. If you tell me what you want to do I’ll point you in the right direction.


Not night life, but for the morning after I can’t recommend Johnson Bacon and Egg Cafe (home of the Big Johnson) enough. It’s a 15 minute drive, so you’ll need a ride, but I definitely recommend eating there after a night of hot tub drinking.

My favorite thing about the place is that they will flat out refuse to let you deviate from the items on the menu. No switches. They know what’s good for you.

Also, if you finish the Big Johnson meal they give you a sticker and a pin proclaiming “I had the whole Big Johnson”.


The hot tub availability is based on seniority.


Is that age, respect or how good you are at Netrunner?

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All of the above, plus tenure from previous hot tub visits.

Top priority goes to previous World Champs and repeat top 16 competitors…


I have one of the three at least.

Top 17. Let’s get @aandries some priority seating.

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c’mon man, you’re not that old.


Can you even drink in the US?


Well, I’m quite excitable anyway. Google maps made the area look like an industrial estate though.

I’m not sure what spare time I’ll have or what UK posse will be up to (apart from finding me something else to do besides annoy them), but I’m reasonably keen to go and out and do “something” other than play cards if I’m coming all the way to the Colonies. Some decent live music would be good, a gander at any “features” of the city, brewery tour - basically I’m on the look out for some options! :smile:

After the fourth night in a Hot Tub it might start to wear thin.

Very kind of you to offer. How many can you get in your car? :wink: