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Film critic questions


when you have film critic installed and the source installed and you steal an agenda the agenda goes on film critic and the source is not trashed correct? do you have to pay the 3 credits?
Also if New Angeles city hall is installed as well it is not trashed correct?
many thanks


Putting the agenda on Film Critic is not the same as stealing it so:

  • The Source and New Angeles City Hall are not trashed
  • You dont pay the 3 credits
    (- Opponent’s current does not disappear)
    (- No Midseason Replacements)
    (- No Fetal AI dmg / No 4c for NAPD Contract / No Psi Game on TFP / No QPM)

P.S.: I’m sure I forgot stuff


cheers thanks thats better than I thought


You don’t take the tags from Casting Call is another