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First ever Croatian Regionals - Zagreb 2015 completed

This was a special saturday for Croatian Netrunner scene. Special, because the scene itself is very small and very young, but managed to organize its first Regional championship. So far there have only been more casual tournaments, but with help from @Stiv who delivered us some promos, we managed to offer decent prize pools.

Step by step it developed from there on and eventually brought us to Regionals. Beutiful sunny saturday, legions of players coming from all over the world (Ukraine) to Zagreb just to compete, traditional post tourney beer rounds and a lot of fun; basically everything you could wish for.

Event itself had a good variety of identities, and did produce a nice number of different matchups. I believe i was the only stimhacker there so no other celebrities. Atmosphere was very friendly, we had enough time to grab some food between rounds and we were quite happy to see and chat with some guys who were present since A:NR started.

No surprises at results section - Pawnshop Noise and Butchershop NEH took the first place, Andy / Making News just slightly behind, Valencia / ETF got third and Chaos Theory / PE climbed to fourth place.

Thanks to organizers for making the effort; now is time to enjoy the summer, and after this, who knows, Slovakian Nationals are pretty close, and AndroiL:Netrunner bye card could be valid…


'Grats! Great to hear. #Androil


Awesome! :smile:

I have some new promos and mats coming your way as well, when I come to Croatia next.

Btw, is it planned to keep on ordering the tournament kits? Did you guys manage to make it sustainable from entry fees?

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Yes! We’re close, and regional byes over here actually also count for a free beer at the TO’s expense! If you could organize a raiding party, that would be awesome :smiley:

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When is this btw? :smile:

Third weekend of September, as noted in the Nationals thread.

Wow, that are really great news indeed, do you have any dates planned yet?

It was hard with regional kit, because of the price, and we will probably organize few store tournaments to cover the costs. I am not one of the organizers per se, but i’m positive that they will continue with ordering kits (probably GNK for now).

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We will give our best, after all, one car shouldn’t be a problem. We will for sure talk more about that subject. Thanks for the beer offer, also note that raiding parties usually do not come empty handed :smile:

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I’m switching jobs in the near future, so I will probably pop by end of September or early October, or something like that.

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@Stiv I’ve got some spare mats I’d be happy to donate for this cause.

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I would suggest joining @Stiv to the trip to Croatia

I wish I could, Croatia is beautiful I know from first hand.

Maybe we can convince Alexander to give away his season 1 playmats. Those things are ruined beyond recognition(used them as mousepads, beer soakers), it will make people in the trade thread cry

Serial, @Stiv, you know how to contact me, I have some playmats you might want to consider taking with you

Well, I don’t want to be bringing home some crappy ruined mats :smiley:

But if you have some that are in good condition, bring them to the Nationals in Eindhoven, I’ll take em to Croatia. We did something like that already before. If you have some extra promos that everyone has 9 of anyway, bring those as well.

No official support in Croatia until now :frowning:

Split and a one day tour is my only reference point, but yar, it seemed very nice. Surprised me with my USA-centric world view. Place I’d never considered…


Here are few pictures from Regionals:


Yeah, Split is nice, as is the rest of the Coast. It gained a lot of popularity lately because of Game of Thrones series (along with Dubrovnik).

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