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First time hosting a tournament, any tips?

I am hosting a tournament tomorrow at our local game store. It looks like it is going to be a little bigger than I originally anticipated (~16 people instead of 4-8) and I am a little nervous, as I have never been a TO before. Anyone have any suggestions or tips for me going in to tomorrow?

Do you have access to an iPad? NRTM is an awesome app for running Netrunner tournaments.

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If you have a laptop available, I consider Tobin Lopes’ Android: Netrunner Tournament Worksheet to be your best tournament manager software option.

If it’s a Game Night Kit or Store Championship, check out the booklet from FFG that came with the kit, they always include decent tips for newcomers. If it’s just a casual tourney and you don’t have access to any of said booklets, check out this link for FFG’s A Guide to Running Your Event.

If there is anything in particular you’re nervous or have concerns about that we can help address, go ahead and fire your questions away, there’s plenty of people here who would love to help. =)

Thanks for the links guys, they are helpful. It is a casual tourney. The main question I still have is how many rounds of swiss I should do, and if I should cut to a top 4 or 8 double elimination or not. Like I said, I am planning on 12-16 people for now, but I don’t know exactly how many will show up tomorrow.

Edit: Found the answer for that on the guide to running the event. Thanks again for all the links!

Definitely do 4 rounds of Swiss. 5 is too many for anything less than 20 (I think you only need to do 5 rounds if there are 32+ players) If you get to the end of the Swiss and the top 4 want to play Elimination and you yourself have the time and feel so inclined, I say let them. I would not do top 8, since that can actually take a lot of time.

Just so you’re aware, every game night tournaments I’ve gone to didn’t have any elim rounds, but if you want to set it up to practice the double elim format and the players are up for it, go ahead.

Basoon… 4 rounds with 17-32 players is actually not going to be enough most of the time(it might be ok with 18 once in awhile and you get lucky with results, 17 the bye becomes a major issue with only 4 rounds). Even if you do have a clear winner, 2-4 place won’t be very clear at all which isn’t very much fun for those playing for those positions. Also 4 is usually a little too short for my taste, feels like 5 is the sweet spot.

On the other hand for a casual tournament and OPs first tournament 4 rounds seems ok.


I prefer GNK tournaments to be 4 rounds. 5 just feels a little long for what should be an afternoon event. There are plenty of other higher profile tournaments to go to that are going to be grindingly long.

Thank you for the help everyone! There ended up being 14 players, and we did 4 rounds of Swiss to determine the winner. Players seemed to be happy with the format and how it was run. Special thanks to @CrimsonWraith for the link to the Excel file, that helped everything run very smooth.