Fisk has Boy Band hair, also his seminar is rubbish

Has anyone got an example of playing Fisk Investment Seminar, where it hasn’t sucked? Always been awesome for me as Corp, or at best a mild inconvenience. Any other thoughts?


Seminar sucks. It’s like the runner’s Medical Research Fundraiser.


My experience has shown it to be almost strictly a win more card, unfortunately.

Worse, even. The fundraiser’s downside is offset by corp credits being so much more valuable than runner credits. But corp cards are arguably more valuable, since a corp’s possible actions are much more defined by what’s in their hand. Getting that draw without spending the clicks is hard to call bad.


[quote=“Trenzor, post:3, topic:6363”]
almost strictly a win more card
[/quote]this is the most accurate read I think. It’s worth mentioning that win-more in netrunner should not have the same connotations that it has in other games (particularly in MtG, where win-more cards should pretty strictly never be played). This old article goes into it more depth (and I think his reasoning there still applies) but basically comebacks in this game are very doable and being able to close out a game or nab a point advantage before time are important abilities to have.

That said, as far as win-more netrunner cards go, FIS is pretty lackluster. it’s pretty decent for an anarch in the midst of a deep medium dig, and it can be clutch in hard econ denial decks when they have the corp at zero- but these are a lot more specific conditions than (for example) “have multi access” for demolition run, for example… and we all know how much play that sees…

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In this deck:

FIS is an essential tool in the Glacier match-up. It gives you several turns of fresh multi-accesses into HQ while the corp is trying to close the game out. It fuels Faust at the same time, helping you get those accesses.

FIS can be a winmore card (when combined early with siphon spam), but is actually a comeback card, stealing games that you have no right winning.


It was fine when I played it out of Stealth Andy. It helps you find stealth pieces and whatnot. Generally I just camp remotes when I play FIS. Against Glacier this strategy is fine.

It wasnt bad when I played it against NEH FA either. But I suppose it helps me Siphon them down in this case.

You basically play FIS when you don’t care about the Corp drawing extra cards. So either 1: You’ve Siphon spammed them to hell and back and are just digging to win. 2. Corp is on game point and you need 1 extra access.

I’ve said an inward thanks everytime I’ve seen this when I’m playing NEHFastro.


Not when you’ve been Siphoned back to back and had your newly rezzed Sansan City Grid trashed. And next turn they will probably drop an RDI and swallow you whole.

Or so I cheat whenever I play FIS.

FIS is a pretty good card when used perfectly, and HORRIBLE when used at anything but the perfect time. FIS into Siphon is meaningless if your FIS drew them into a Sweeps. Even if I’m playing an FIS deck like Faust Gabe, I just chuck my FIS vs NEH. It’s only good if you are on game point, they are not, and R&D is taxing.


Ironically if Jackson didn’t exist this card would be a lot more obnoxious. The times it could have been problematic Jackson bailed me out. I have to think it was play tested without priority and found to be too good when it could be same old thinged or saved up and spammed in one turn.

it’s just a reminder that everyone should have voted collective.


You just went ham throwing cards away on your FIS turn. How can NEH Sweeps you?

Fisk could have been interesting if they had more runner cards that trigger off the Corp drawing - firing on both players turns would double their power in risk. But instead fisk is an afterthought jammed in the end of a cycle with only a single “support” card when most modern IDs get 3+. If fisk had been like geist and got 5 cards for him in Sansan …

Don’t forget tech dealer, someone really likes them abs!

But for reals, fisk investment seminar is great if you’re trying to mill a deck down, so many times I’ve basically wanted to cry because I want sure if a criminal it anarchy was going to deck me out of no where. Thank god it can’t be same old thinged