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Gambling / forcing the corp to make choices - Runner Yomi?

Hey Everyone,

I was thinking about gambling and forcing the corp to make choices as the Runner. Of course, we can do this any time we run (by making them decide whether to rez or not), but I was also thinking about the wider array of cards on the edge of the game that challenge the corp to make difficult choices or messes with their choice-making.

Seems like the Runner best suited to challenge the corp with decisions often is Steve Cambridge. Here are some of the cards I was thinking about:

  • Forged Activation Orders
  • Government Investigations
  • Rigged Results
  • Social Engineering

and the two most interesting ones:

  • Information Sifting
  • Push Your Luck

There are also cards that take a risk but have a good reward as a runner, like:

  • Fisk Investment Seminar
  • Frantic Coding
  • High-Stakes Job
  • Inject
  • Windfall
  • Oracle May

What am I missing? What are some of your experiences of making a corp make choices?