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[Game Night Kit] Monday, 8 December [Halifax, NS]

Winter Game Night Kit

Monday, 8 December 2014.

Quantum Frontier
3132 Robie St., Halifax, NS B3K 4P9
(902) 446-8233

Card pool: Up to All That Remains is Legal. (The most recent datapack)

Prize pool: 1x Freelancer Playmat for 1st place. 2x Weyland Because We Built It Alt Art ID Card. 4x Weyland themed deck boxes. Plascrete Carapace Alt Art for participation. Random Door prize of Kati Jones Alt Art (you must beat me in a Psi Game to win it!)

Format: Swiss. 3 to 4 rounds to be expected, pending attendance.

Cost: Free.

Note: The starting time is set for 5pm - but pending responses and attendance, we might be able to push it ahead a little bit if the 9-5 working crowd needs some time to arrive.