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[Game Night Kit] Sunday June 15th, Halifax, NS

Hey all,

There’s a game night kit coming up in Halifax. The price kit is the Silhouette playmat, Alt Art Haas-Bioroid Engineering the Future, Wyldside alt art cards, Gabe/Jinteki deckboxes.

Location: Board Room Game Cafe. 1256 Barrington St. Halifax, NS, B3J 1Y6
Price: Standard admission for the board room game cafe (5$) Time/date June 15th, 2014, noon-4/5ish.

Standard tournament format, probably 3-4 rounds of swiss pending attendance. This location is fantastic, they have a kitchenette on site, are licensed for alcohol, WiFi on site, and comfortable seating/great atmosphere. We’ve been getting decent numbers lately, so come on down and win some cards!