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Gear Check! Gauging the interest in a Stimhack store


Preferably handcrafted and glued together and signed by a World champ!

If that’s not reasonable, I will go for a Worlds Swiss leader…


What do you guys think is the optimal size for a round coin? I was thinking about the size of a nickel. Just ones and fives? Same size? Nickel/Bronze for colors? Two-tone coins? Stimhack logo on one side and denomination on the other? I’m getting pricing options for all of these, so let me know what you guys think is a good idea.


Biggest complaint about a lot of custom coins is that it’s hard to tell the different denominations apart across the table. As long as they’re really clear at a glance I’m happy with whatever. Stimhack logo/Value sounds like a good combo.


personally I’d say penny is a better size. nickel size is a bit too large IMO


Penny size for ones, nickel size for fives, just like in the wild.


Also, questions:

Do they have to be round?

Could we put a little cheeky re-imagining of ‘In God we trust’ across the bottom or something? (In Eli/Jackson/Caprice we trust?)


How about skipping the coins and printing Netrunner bills instead?


We are looking at hexes.

We’re not yet sure whether we can go smaller than a Nickel.


I like the size of the team covenant tokens quite a bit; I think those are nickel or quarter sized. Seems good.


I like the size of the regional virus tokens from this year.


Different sizes for ones and fives would be clutch.


I think this is the optimal way to do it but it might cost more. We will certainly have them be different tones/colors, but different sizes could cost up to 40% more because we would need to make different molds for the Stimhack logo side rather than just using the same one. I have yet to see prices, but if they’re not that much more, we’ll go with differing sizes.


E Pluribus Anus


We’re looking for designs/designers right now. The back is going to be stimhack logo, the front designs for $1 and $5 are what we still need. Right now, it’s looking like nickel-sized ones in nickel and quarter-sized 5s in brass. $40 for a set of 24 (16 ones and 8 5s) is the plan.


Niice. Shut up and take my money and all that


This. 10 characters.


This sounds rad.


wow for metal coins, this is an incredible deal!



Never buy metal tokens from a dice whore.


Joke’s on all of us, they’re actually metal dice.