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GenCon National Tickets?

Hey all, first post on Stimhack so not sure if this is the right location. Direct me if it’s not!

Does anyone have spare Nationals tickets they’re looking to get rid of? I was tight on cash for a while while they were on sale… and they are no longer on sale. I can try to show up early with a couple general tickets, but for my own sanity/sleep schedule, I’d rather try my luck finding a legit ticket that needs a good home.

After finishing at 2nd Worlds last year, FFG gave me a code to redeem for a 4 day pass for GenCon.

You can have it for 60$ instead of 90$ normal price if you want.

it sounds like he’s looking for a pass to the Nationals event, not a pass to Gen Con itself (you pay for both separately, though Nationals is held at Gen Con)

I have a Netrunner Nationals ticket that I probably won’t use. Name your price?

Well, I’d have to use 8 General tickets at $2 a piece, going to $16, so how does $20 sound?

Sure, seems good. PM me with contact info.