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Getting ready for dinner


So, Order and Chaos spoilers have arrived and the card that got me the most excited it the whole dinner suite! [Not sure if it will be called that, but I sure will!]
So, instead of a regular Suite of beakers, anarch got an AI breaker
Program: Icebreaker - AI Cost:4 Mem:1 Stenght:2
1c: Break ice subroutine. You cannot access more than 0 cards for the remainder of this run.
1c: +1 strength.
So, the way it is worded it seems to work with effects that replace acess, but, it is also meant to work with the silverware events.
Event: Run - Sabotage Cost: 2
Make a run. The first time you break all subroutines on a sentry during this run, trash that sentry. 3 Influence
Event: Run - Sabotage Cost: 1
Make a run. The first time you break all subroutines on a barrier during this run, trash that barrier. 3 Influence
Event: Run - Sabotage Cost: 2
Make a run. The first time you break all subroutines on a code gate during this run, trash that code gate. 3 Influence

So, there a few topics I’d like to discuss about this and what place better to do it than here?
Do you think this suite can replace a standard breaker one? Or is it too janky?
If indeed it can, does it need support cards? Like Corroder for dealing with Wraparound and Mimic for Swordsman?
And, my final, and perhaps most important question. Which runner do you think it will be the best suited for this breaker suite? Reina, for increasing the rez cost of ICE that will be thrashed? Quetzal for dealing with Wraparound? MaxX for fast drawing? Valencia for killing the rezzed ICE and Blackmailing the unrezzed?


Kit :slight_smile:


Eater also works well with non-access events or cards:

Singularity (+Queen’s Gambit - if you can’t access cards anyway…)
Retrieval Run
Wanton Destruction
Utopia / Eden / Hades Shard
Emergency Shutdown
Data Leak Reversal (to install)

Spooned lets you get rid of Lotus Field. It seems this makes Yog.0 a good include in an ice destruction deck, because it’s cheaper just to play it than Spoon or Parasite all those little code gates.


Does HQI and RDI increase the number of cards you access?


Or Indexing, Siphon, Feint …


Yes. Like Medium/Nerve Agent. Eater stops any of that working, it seems.


Added to the list! Indexing and Siphon are awkward at their influence costs, but there’s a lot more card draw in Anarch now…


AoA use all their influence in triple siphon and an Indexing. So it’s workable :slight_smile:


Queen’s Gambit + Singularity used to be a stupid combination. But if you can’t access the cards in that remote anyway…


Its fine to build up medium and nerve agent counters for when you do finally get in. It’s efficiency allows you to get tokens on hemhorrage, medium, nerve agent, datasucker, parasite etc. Destroy all the ice on a server using the dinner cards, or the old fashioned way of para/data, and then make a real run. If the corp purges viruses, it’s more time for you to find the moving parts, if they don’t eventually you will break into a server, and it will hurt lots, a nice little two pronged attack, a fork if you will.


Let’s not forget Emergency Shutdown or putting down a DLR.


Side note: Fester is a better card than you’d think. Sure, it needs stuff to work with, but that stuff is basically 20 cards out of a regular Anarch deck :smiley:


Purges are going to be a lot more common with Cyberdex Virus Suite too, Incubator and Virus Breeding Ground. Progenitor or Fester are good answers.


I think tenma just got some more cards.


Also Keyhole. Not perfectly safe, but it’s something.


Is this real? SPOONED?!


Quetzal + E3 + Paintbrush + Knifed = no more ICE. Pair with Cuj0/D4V1D for surprise destroyer/net-damage avoidance, maybe Parasite/Sucker to kill small ICE, and SOT/Deja Vu to recur Knifed, and the corp is going to have a hard time keeping his rezzed ICE on the table. PPVP and burst econ keeps you afloat, throw in draw cards, and it’s a deck.


Part of me even wonders if these aren’t just a joke set of cards that have been substituted in there. Knifed, Forked and Spooned seems unusual for a design team that revels in asymmetric design. But Criminals did get a triad of central only breakers, so…


Hate the nsmes.

I would have Gone with forked, farked, fooked…


Whenever I think of Spooned, I can’t help but hope that the art is MaXx cuddling with Viktor 1 or 2.