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Go Game


Today at King of Servers I heard a rumour that some of you play Go as a side game and really enjoy it. Is that true?

I’m about 6-8kyu (depending on server and how much I practice). I’m happy to teach Go if someone fancy.

Usually I play on https://online-go.com/ Please let me know if u would like to play me :wink:


I used to play a lot with my brother. Very fun game and super different every time. I especially love how it runs the whole gamut from large territorial disputes to intricate tactical battles over one intersection.


I am just getting into it and am probably around 10kyu or so. @Alexfrog plays with me sometimes.


I play on KGS as choux at around 2kyu (but it’s mostly just bully go)


Great meeting you at worlds! Would love to play go sometime.