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Great Lakes Circuit - a series of upper Middle West tournaments

Part of this is distance, as well, though.

Are there really that many more players in the NE?

Awesome. I’m looking at sending out alt arts with this on the backs to all stores. I may even be able to send out some coins/tokens. Was even looking at custom dice to hand out. Not sure how much I want to go into the hole for this.

The main thing is relying on stores giving store cred based on attendance, sans the $75 owed to the kitty. Any donations are welcome, and I am even trying to line up some sponsors.

Sounds like they had 11 people at the Game Times SC on March 28th. Likely not a concern for numbers in the Indy area.

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Warren, MI is much closer than that. Come our way on June 6th!


I have at least one old unused GNK sitting in a closet somewhere, at least a couple spare playsets of all the GNK door prize cards (Adonis/Pawnshop/Plascrete etc.), and some random unassembled deck boxes. I mean, a lot of the people playing in these probably already have most of that stuff, but at least it’s something for people who only got into tournaments more recently.

I also have spares of some rarer stuff (alt art Gabe, Chronos Protocol playmat, etc.) that could make good winner or scorch prizes.

I’m not affilliated with any of the local stores, but I’d be more than happy to help run any tournaments in and around the Twin Cities.

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We definitely should work out some further discussion on the various regions. Spags has a good initial breakdown. That seems to be for another post though. I’d love to see this fully fledged out.

The players in the areas would definitely know best on how to divide it all up. Worlds is the primary endgame, but if we get this rolling large enough . . . We can have our own Worlds style event. Just thoughts.


Right. I was inspired by what happened in the Warmachine/Hordes community, where the fan events overwhelmed the company’s, to the point where Privateer Press hired on the guy who started it.

However, trust me, I’m not looking for a job at FFG.



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I think so, at least definitely moreso than in regions like colorado and texas. We had a store champ with 5/16 of the top16 of worlds in PA, and that was on a weekend with at least 2 other store champs going on within a few hours drive of that one.

EDIT: upon further inspection, the northeast has about the same amount of people as the midwest. Still, I think that it would be wise to merge Rockies with Texas, as those regions have significantly less people.


I’ve been planning to talk to Mead Hall about it, since they run the only ANR league here and had the biggest SC in MN (48, for the peanut gallery; I know you know since we were both there), and offered store credit prizes – and they even applied to host the MN regional (obviously knowing that FFG would be hosting it themselves). They really want to foster an ANR community and have shown that they can draw in people from multiple states away when they do a promotional push. They definitely seem like the most likely candidate, and I know their main Netrunner guy reasonably well after two leagues.

I do also have extra promos and one unique prize that I might be willing to donate to the right cause – an uncut Cyber Exodus sheet that I won at FFG.

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Mead Hall was my first thought, too, and if I remember it right that Store Championship even got someone all the way from Nebraska (I also loved how they set aside a decent prize for whoever drove the farthest to attend, that’s a great idea). It got pretty cramped with 48 people in there, though. How many can they actually handle? I’ll ask them about it tomorrow night.

Oh hey, I have some uncut sheets too! I think I have the entire Genesis cycle. I’d totally donate those; they’re just sitting in my closet right now.

50 or 52 is their max. But I don’t think anyone other than The Source (which doesn’t do ANR) or FFG (which obviously won’t do this) can do more than that.

I’m almost certainly not going to be at Mead tomorrow, so feel free to talk to Thomas about it if you’re going. I’ve got a huge thing coming up this weekend that’s been keeping me busy for quite a while, so I was planning to talk to him next week.

I think that’s fine, culminating at the Covanent Store.

Awesome. I’m sure being sniped by FFG for Regionals, they’d love something else.

I know we have spoken of this in the past, but I am 110% willing to help out on this. I know stores and tournament organizers in VA, MD, and PA that would all be interested.


I don’t know the numbers of other regions for comparison, but DC has a large following. There were probably roughly a dozen or so well attended store championships earlier this winter. So I think if you include DC in with Baltimore/Philadelphia, that could be a region by itself (and help people from Richmond/the periphery play). Since we’re talking hypotheticals, maybe one hosted in Baltimore, and another somewhere equidistant between New York/Boston?

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Maybe that makes the most sense; PA/NJ/MD/DC and NY/New England


I’m so there. Another idea, though it may be a bit creepy. Anyone up for offering their pad as a “Netrunner Hostel” for 2-day events? I certainly could for a Cleveland tourney as long as I talked with anyone wanting to stay beforehand. The travel costs can be a bit much on gamer’s budget, and it might improve attendance at events.


@spags What needs to be done to figure out between Wausau and Madison? I’m voting for Madison :smiley:


Yes this is likely perfect.

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