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Have you heard the rumors? A Rumor Mill thread


I’m referring to the pre-MWL2 deck that he was playing.


Well a “good runner” allready kill Caprice & Ash, I agree with you there. I dislike the card for it kills Jackson and janky funny cards like Midori / The Twins etc.

The thing is, some runners still have problems to remote lock the corp, so you end having in Netrunner two kind of good runners : those who lock the hand and those who lock R&D.

This nerfed trap playing.

It’s good for the game, to me, that any plan have a danger (some would argue with that). I like that card as the natural corp answer should be buff bluff and nerf math here.
The only problem to me is its brutality vs exotic cards that asked nothing.


Well, if we take a trip back in time, scorch was completely terrible for a very long time until NBN started working with it.


Or until Weyland got IDs like Titan or Argus, and agendas like Oaktown, so they could play the rush game to empower their scorches.


Yes, because 3/2 agendas weren’t good enough already.


I was liking this cicle, until i see this card, the first card That made me think left the game in three years of playing this game.

This card was not needed, is awfully designed, destroy every single Corp i like to play With a very little investment and without making Hard choices.

I like MWL, but even That don’t fix That card. Sad moment for the game for me.


Trap. Jesus. IAA a few secretaries or junebugs in your Caprice remote. Then, when that doesn’t work, just play Kitsune in Sol and realize that NBN has twice the number of answers than all the other factions have. Points if you “get it”