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Help with my decklists?

Hello, guys and girls.

Unfortunately, while I consider myself to be a fairly good netrunner player, I’m not nearly as good at building decks myself, usually getting them out of the winning deck lists of stimhack and adapting them to the data packs I have.

That being the case, instead of asking for which cards I should include (which would be pointless since I don’t have all datapacks), I would greatly appreciate it if you could tell me what weaknesses/ inconsistencies you see in both these decks, which I don’t doubt will be legion.

Runner: Kate “Mac” McCaffrey

Events: 19

2 Modded
2 Stimhack **
2 Net Celebrity
3 Test Run
2 Maker’s Eye
2 Tinkering
3 Sure Gamble
3 Diesel

Programs: 4
2 Self Modifying Code
2 Magnum Opus

Icebreakers: 6
2 Gordian Blade
2 Ninja ****
2 Corroder ****

Hardware: 9
3 Cyber feeder ***
2 Plascrete Carapace
2 Dinosaurus
2 The Personal Touch

Resources: 7
3 Daily Casts
2 Personal Workshop
2 Professional Contacts

Total influence: 13; Total cards: 45

Corp: Weyland Consortium, “Building a Better World”

Agendas: 10
1 Eden Fragment
2 Hostile Takeover
2 NAPD Contract
2 Veterans Program
2 Priority Requisition
1 The Cleaners

Ice 18
Barrier 5
3 Ice Wall
2 Hadrian’s Wall

Code Gate 5
3 Datapike
2 Tollbooth ****

Sentry 8
2 Data Raven ****
2 Archer
2 Caduceus
2 Fenris ****

Assets 7
3 Pad Campaign
2 Jackson Howard **
2 GRNDL Refinery

Upgrade 2
2 Will O’ The Wisp

Operations 12
3 Beanstalk Royalties
3 Hedge Fund
1 Targeted Marketing *
1 Lag Time
2 Scorched Earth
2 Restructure

Total cards: 49 Total Influence: 15
Agenda Points: 20

breaking most of the popular sentries with ninja is going to kill your credit pool (tsurigi is 7, komainu is 3 + hand) the core rig (anarch breakers +desperado/suckers) would save you so much money and influence that they’re definitely worth considering. Other things of note (going to assume you have access to packs you’ve posted cards from):
SMC and ProCo are consistency cards, running 2 of them makes very little sense.

Atman solves the same problems as tinkering, only always instead of for 1 turn, it also hits other things, worth running 1 even without datasucker support.

Opus and diesel overlap with proco in function.

If maker’s eye is your only multi-access, you probably want same old things.

You’re in the faction with clone chip and test run, you don’t really need redundant breakers.

1 femme not only gives you the best answer to a few specific ice for 1 influence (komainu and tollbooth), but it also gives you a really useful early access trick in test run femme.

Cyberfeeders aren’t worth the influence cost if you’re not installing viruses, the credits come too inconsistently as you don’t always need to break ice.

Corp side:

Anything weyland can do, HB can do better (run ci scorch if you like scorch).

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If Weyland is what you want to be running, though, project Atlas will do you better than any other agenda, especially if you only have two Scorches in there. Three is a better bet, even if it’s a back-up plan.

Data Raven is kind of mediocre tagging, they’ll never be forced to take one, which means you’d be better off with a strong economy + SEA Source.

In BABW, the Weyland current is actually pretty decent, and might be worth considering.