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House of Games, Danville, CA - Wednesday, June 11th 6:30

We had a really fun small tournament mid-May, so we’re going again. We’re looking to make this a bi-weekly activity so if the group starts going really well that’d be fantastic! It’s at House of Games in Danville, 155 Railroad Avenue. Their phone number is 925-309-4087 and of course I’d be happy to answer any questions here or at the store.

If anyone just wants to check out netrunner, I’m happy to demo games for new players as well. https://www.facebook…ofgamesdanville for more info on the store.

Just moved away from the Bay Area last year, but I’ll be visiting family the second and third week of July. I’d love to come down and practice against the local meta before the San Rafael Regional.

Excellent. I’ll ping you and let you know what we have going that week. If you’re in the east bay I’ve got a few friends who play together casually on a regular basis in addition to these “formal” nights.

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