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How can Corp score 7?

Is it possible to build a robust plan for scoring seven points as Corp in a non-CtM deck these days? I get the feeling that kill first is the most viable strategy for Corp right now. Is it possible to build decks around scoring out?

Exchange of Information is a decent strategy, either off hhn or bn.

Edit. Oops, non ctm. Read non ci for some reason. Anyway, other nbn id can run eoi just fine. I’m tinkering with eoi outside nbn, but haven’t found any great concepts yet, just fun ones (based around cerebral casts or mushin-ghost branch so far)


CI-7 scores out all in one turn.

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I tend to think pure flat-out rush has game a lot of the time. Something like this:
or maybe this:
(Ok that last one only scores 6, but you get the picture).

The problem with these decks is that at the top level they don’t really give you a chance to leverage a skill advantage on the runner. That and the blackmail matchup.

I will also add that pure rush isn’t really the funnest way to play the game (unlike hybrid rush/kill, which is). It does make for a nice break once in a while though.

EtF Rush is really good at getting to 7 points. I think it’s best non-yellow, non-CI, non-kill deck archetype (I think it’s better than non-yellow kill, although BS BOOM! would have something to say in the right hands). It may not be as powerful as yellow, but another World-level event is a long ways off. You can do well with it at the SC-level, some already have:


It’s probably best fair deck around.