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How would you change IDs?

Just a fun thread: How would you change IDs?

No change

No change

Lower influence to 12

No change

Add 1 link.

Take away 1 link.

Raise influence to 13

Add one link. Possibly lower decksize.

Change influence to 20.

Reina Roja:



Iain Stirling:
Raise influence to 12.



Lower decksize to 40, raise influence to 17.

Lower influence to 13



Lower influence to 13


Lower decksize to 40.

Print a full breaker suite and another event.

Print another economy and a card draw.

Print a tricky event.

Change ability to only trigger the second time each turn.

Making News: Raise creds to 3, raise influence to 17.

No change

Raise influence to 17

Stronger Together:
Lower decksize to 40.

No change

Change ability to: At the start of your turn, spend one credit to place an advancement counter on a piece of ice, even if that ice cannot normally be advanced.

Add the text: You start the game with six cards in hand, raise influence to 16.

Custom Biotics:
Raise influence to 25

No change.

Add the text: This card is considered to be a NEXT ice for the purpose of abilities on NEXT ice.

Lower decksize to 40, change influence to 15.

I’ll add more later today.

I’ve posted this before, but I’d give Kate and ETF “click to flip” abilities that switched Kate’s discount between Program and Hardware, and switched ETF’s ability between “install in a server” and “install protecting a server”.

I don’t think you can lower their influence, just because the core set is so limited in per-faction tools, everyone needs all the influence they can get.

A lot of this is overreacting to the current meta, Hayley and MaxX are fine, and stuff like putting Stronger Together at 40 deck size is just not needed. The only ones that need change are Exile (20 influance), Kate (13 influance), and NEXT Design (15 inf), and Noise (first time each turn).

Remember every ID doest have to be competitive. It’s actually healthy for the game to have some ID’s that are underplayed.


Giving Exile 20 inf is way over the top. It is not a bad ID, it’s problem is that the ability is inferior to Kate’s. With Kate at 13 I think they would switchbin popularity. 17/18 would make him playable.

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I want to give Professor 5 or 6 influence. Let him pull in some resources or events. It would open up the design space tremendously.

The single point of influence is just oppressive for deckbuilding.

Id keep NEXT as is and add, “Search your deck for any three ICE and install one in each desired server”

In ADDITION to the original ability? Because that is hillariously broken in that case. If this is the only ability we’re going with, it’s still stupidly powerful.

Threads like this are dangerous because they get me thinking about how fun things like 40/17 Nasir would be and then I remember it’s not real life and it FeelsBadMan


Just a reminder, this is all for fun anyway. I just wanted to see what competitive versions would look like. I agree that not all IDs should be competitive.

Every time I consider the glory of a 17+ inf Nasir I’m reminded that this clearly isn’t the brightest timeline.

ITT: People thinking noise or whizz are fine. Trololo.


Yeah, MaxX certainly doesn’t need to be reduced to 13 influence. She’s a very strong runner, with one of the most outwardly powerful abilities in the game, but as anyone who has played MaxX a lot will tell you, it’s not perfect. There are so many ways corps can screw over whatever MaxX build a person is playing, even by accident.

Also, I’m still playing Reg MaxX, the last thing I need is even less influence, it’s hard enough as it is.


Sounds like a fun exersize for the current meta

Noise: First virus per turn, and moderate the damn virus card pool better.
Gabe: Fine
Kate: Change to hardware only, raise to 2c discount. Make Kate the ‘hardware’ shaper, as there isn’t really broken hardware that’s not 4 influence or 1c/0c. The C&C shapers and CT can cover the program part of the ability pie.
Whizzard: Make similar to Ed Kim, where he trashes the first (or first and second) Asset/Upgrade accessed in centrals for free rather than on board ones. Give another bonus like a link or a bit more influence.
CT: Fine, especially if Kate has less program synergy.
Andromeda: Fine with modern corp power level, also helps if other criminals are not as underpowered.
Kit: 12 influence
Professor: Either 5 inf and old ability or 25 influence. “You may only use influence for programs”
Exile: Change ability to “The first time you install a program other than by the install action each turn, draw 1 card.” so it fires off SMC, DaVinci, and Personal workshop.
Reina: Fine
Silhouette: Probably hopeless without good expose triggers in the cardpool
Ken: 15 influence, change ability to “Reduce the influence cost and play cost of run events by 1”. I feel this better enables crazy run based stuff like cutlery than the current statline. Getting a free stimhack is fine for criminals since they have bad breakers and little ability speed installs, and thats the only 1-inf non-criminal run event.
Iain: 15 influence, especially with the modern meta of some kill decks never planning to score at all
Quetzal: 40 deck size - much like CT is the ‘lean’ shaper by letting you skip MU cards and smaller deck, Quetzal should be the ‘lean’ anarch who can leave out some barrier solutions.
Leela: Is fine
Nasir: 17 influence (don’t think there should be more than one ‘small deck size’ ID per faction)
MaxX: Is fine
Valencia: Is fine
Ed Kim: Change to first and second operation each turn for lols
Hayley: Is fine
Geist: Is fine with the new support cards
Fisk: Change to ‘each player draws a card’ but probably still unsalvageable unless they make some support cards (like Geists 5+ cards just for him lol)
Minifactions: Each of them need a bigger cardpool to help with their issues.
Jesminder: Is fine (maybe?)
Nero: to soon to know

HB-ETF: Change to ‘in a server’, ETF is now the horizontal ID for HB
Jinteki-PE: Is fine
Weyland-BaBW: There needs to be more transactions in the cardpool, but the ability is fine
NBN:MN: Is fine
HB-Stronger Together: Change to “The first time a bioroid is rezzed or a bioroid subroutine is broken each turn, gain 1c”. Make ST the taxing glacier ID
Jinteki RP: Is fine
Weyland-BWBI: Change to “Rezzed cards are considered to have 1 additional advancement token on them.” to make it a super-Satellite grid and have trap synergy.
NBN-TWIY*: Starting hand size also 6
Custom Biotics: Influence 15 but make it reverse professor: “The second copy of each out-of faction card in your deck does not count towards your influence limit. No Jinteki’s” Flavour of HB doing what the other factions do but more efficiently
CI Is fine
NEXT Design: 15 influence, and the start of game ability to “search the top 10 cards of R&D for up to 3 ice, install, shuffle”
The Foundry: 17 influence to get that sweet out of faction ice. Would have been helped by support cards as well
Cybernetics Division: Really didn’t need its own hand gimped
Medtech: 15 influence
Nisei Division: Is fine, needs more psi effects (especially cards that can fire multiple) to be good.
Tennin: Should probably be the 17 influence ID since it’s effectively part-Weyland
IG: Change to “Each of the first 3* facedown cards” to make it both a bounded effect and save on memory issues. Number subject to change.
Biotech: Change the greenhouse to be a super mushin (where it installs and advances x4 but you can’t rez or score it. Unlike mushin have it be able to put in an existing server). Change the Tank to be a true game rejuvenation for the corp by having them draw up to their starting hand size and gain 5c after the archives shuffle.
Palana: Is fine
NEH: Keep 17 influence but give it a drawback such as ‘ice costs an additional 1c to install’ to go with its remote ability (flavour: it’s hard to armour something that’s a communications nexus)
Haarpsichord: Is fine
Spark: Has the corp gain the credit stolen :3
Sol: Should be the 17 influence NBN id if any are, for the current splashing.
SYNC: Is fine
GRNDL: 12 influence and 40 cards
Blue Sun: Is fine
Gagarin: Is pretty much fine
Titan & Argus I think are fundamentally fine but need support cards to the level that Gagarin has received.

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I’d make it so Ian can’t include drip econ.
Noise benned.
Next design has 17 influence.
Whizz has 2 credits a turn.

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Trololo![quote=“MightyToenail, post:1, topic:7339”]
Nasir:Lower decksize to 40, raise influence to 17.

Oh god, this would be my absolute dream. Solidarity Nasir was the absolute most fun I’ve ever had playing netrunner, (playing as or against) and deckbuilding-wise was insanely fun to tinker with. Then the MWL killed him dead and now I’ll never play him again, probably.[quote=“MightyToenail, post:1, topic:7339”]
MaxXLower influence to 13

don’t think this is necessary at all. maxX is powerful but not abusive in any way (i.e. she will never cause “wouldn’t this be better in Kate/Andy” syndrome).[quote=“MightyToenail, post:1, topic:7339”]
Apex:Print another economy and a card draw.
That’d be nice; Instead, they could just lift his “flavor rule” which is unbelievably restrictive and not really necessary - if Apex can telecommute to a Day Job then it can definitely make facebook friends with Kati Jones.


I love this suggested change.

I would do something like “Gain 1 credit when the opponent spends a click to break a subroutine” But maybe that’s way too strong with current bioroids.