I Finished Reading Shadow Under the Beastalk

And it’s great! I put the bulk of my thoughts on my blog: https://transfelinism.wordpress.com/2019/04/17/transpotlight-the-android-universe-continues-to-be-the-most-diverse-setting-in-traditional-gaming/

TL; DR: Given the chance to tell us more about the people of the Android Universe, FFG took an unflinching stance in support of diversity, giving us characters that are trans, non-binary, and everything in between. In an era where many media seemed hell-bent on appeasing bigots, it’s hearty to see industrial giant FFG makes such a stand, and hopefully their success will convince others that respecting diversity is good business as well as morally laudable.


Do you still your article? The link is dead and it wasn’t archived. Thank you.

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