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I Miss Worlds 2017 Already

I’m going to post stuff in here that has little or nothing to do with playing Netrunner, but are about things I enjoyed/appreciated about Worlds. Let’s keep those posi Worlds vibes going, starting with this image of Gordon Cole from the upcoming S4 of Twin Peaks:

Please feel free to do the same, share stuff, etc., whether you were there or not.


I met a community hero of mine.

Public file shared from https://slack.com/


Really wish I had attended this year :frowning:

I decided not to attend before I knew what the meta would be, but I’ll try next year.

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I wish I had gone this year as well. I’ve never gone to worlds but it seems so darned fun (with the possible exception of maybe finishing 220th).

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I’ve been there. I ended up, I think, 246th last year. It’s not a good feeling.

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This was a great time! It was my first big event and I enjoyed meeting people from the community and playing solid games. I’ll be sure to come back next year.

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