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Identity Crisis

One of our locals had a silly idea, and we’ve got this crazy quirky tournament happening next month now…

In a nutshell, you bring a deck completely legal for one identity, and then switch to any other identity for the duration of this tournament. Did I mention broken? But, it should be a blast. There’s been a lot of work put into it and there’s even things like signed Zeilinger prints in the prize pool.

So… I’m fishing for some creative ideas for the tournament. What do you think?

  • NEH AstroBiotics with Market Research and switch to Titan?
  • Jinteki PE Thousand Cuts in Cybernetics Division?
  • Custom Biotics to grab Adonis, Eve, Ash, IT Department, and BER influence free and hop into Blue Sun?
  • 40 card Chaos deck and switch to Andromeda for the link and 9 card draw?

I’m sure y’all can come up with even more broken stuff. I guess I’m really struggling with ideas on the Runner side, so I’m out-sourcing here. Let’s assume everyone brings NBN Fastrobiotics and plays it in Titan. What’s the ideal Runner with this variant that could take advantage of that?

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Leela might be able to take advantage of NBN Fastro. what build to actually run, not sure

The obvious answer to me is swapping Astrobiotics to Titan. Double astro tokens and minimum 3 point Beales are way too good not to play.


Custom Biotics: Engineered for Success and switch to Nisei Division: The Next Generation

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That one doesn’t work unless you’re playing Nisei Division w/no Jinteki cards, has to be a legal deck for the original identity. :smile:

Play Professor MaxX! “I have a PhD in horribleness.”


omg. :heart_eyes:


Yeah, I was just trying to come up with the worst idea.

Hehe, you win!

Stimshop CT out of Valencia? Valencia with a 40 card deck sounds amazing…
Fastrobiotics out of titan is just broken.


Get this: Accelerated Beta Test in Blue Sun. =)


I’m playing in that tournament.

I will be playing NEH -> Titan and Chaos Theory -> Valencia.

The former will be irrevocably busted (my agenda suite consists of turbo-Astro, Breaking News, a blank 3/3 worth 2 to the runner, and a blank 4/3 worth 2 to the runner), and the latter will be hilarious and possibly also irrevocably busted (Hyperdriver, Blackmail, False Echo, Medium - you do the math).

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I know it’s kinda against the spirit of the thing, but… does the other ID have to be from a different faction? If not, I’d totally go Prof -> Kit for this. All the awesomeness of a prof deck, with an actual ability!

(to be fair, Da Prof is actually a faction all on his own, so it’s only half-douchebaggery :smiley: )

corp-side, swapping anything into Titan sounds decent… like, a deck with Braintrust, Nisei and House of Knives maybe?


Silhouette into Val could be big for similar reasons. Val goes nuts with desperado, and access to all the criminal shenanigans would be fun. Ironically, you should probably spend most of your influence on anarch breakers, though.

As super-duper boring as it is, it might also be worth playing around with Kate into Kit, just to lift her unnecessary influence restriction. (I think there’s a lot of room for anyone into Kit - she’s probably best with influence free access to shaper tutors and decoders, but yog + nre out of an anarch para-sucker, cutlery, medium package looks like fun too.)


Good catch.
I think you could play central breaker suite with datasuckers. Pressure the central with siphon and RDI (maybe even sneakdoor) and blackmail for the remotes (if inside job doesn’t work ofc). And if they manage to rez something on the remote, emergency shutdown.
Influence?: 2xDatasucker, 2xRDI, 1xLevy, 1xDéjà Vu, 2 Parasite
Imo the stongest runner.

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I was gonna say shillouette into Kit, for super siphon fun time.

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Reina with Siphons, Inside Jobs, Shutdowns and RUNNING INTERFERENCE!!! :smile:


I don’t know why I liked this, as I hate it

I’ve been testing for this tournament and the initial results point to Fastro Titan being absurdly busted and probably the deck to beat, with some gross flatline/glacier decks running around to take advantage of any runner who overtunes for the FA matchup (purple blue sun (vegan and flatline) and 22 influence CI both seem pretty good, although it’s much easier to configure your deck to beat those strategies. I assume there’s something cool you can do with net or brain damage that I’m not clever enough to figure out as well).

I have a couple runner decks that still need testing, but things look grim for the runner and honestly I’m expecting like an 80+% corp winrate.

Cambridge PE -> Argus might be scary. Be sure to at least 1 of that scorch. Might also lose some teath though… Might also be decent moving to NEH.
I think redcoats out of blue sun is the obvious scary one (aside from the neh->titan talked about earlier).

But, for me, I might try to play a big money scorch out of CI, or switch a dead coats into a jinteki ID like the brewery.

As runner Professor->Andy. Hands down.
Runner up would be good stuff anarch out of kit.

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