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If Faust rises does that help Cybernetics Division?

A little speculative theory here? Realizing that HB:CD:HU just removes a single card which by itself isn’t hugely damaging but it does encourage a brain damage hand size diminishing build which hurts Faust. I’m curious if you guys think that Cybernetics Division will become more popular, or will people start splashing brain damage as a counter for Faust or just try to win faster?

I don’t know, although personally I would feel pretty confident running my never advance Cybernetics Division (Valley Grid based) against a Faust runner. Only testing will tell.

All-in Faust is certainly a bad matchup against my killy Blue Sun. So I think it would be the same against Cybernetics!

Against Noise, it hurts but it’s not killer. Parasucker is the primary breaker and Faust is just a plan B. Brain damage decks tend to be “long game” builds and that’s where Anarchs are really strong. It’s anecdotal but I played against a Jinteki BD deck today with Noise. I won with a late game mill and 5 brain damage compliments of a Janus and a few other surprises. With Wyldeside, Faust was still usable with a 3 handsize, but I pretty much abandoned it after that.

i shelved cybernetics division because of faust decks running all the weirdness that usually never sees play like public sympathy. brain cage. beach party etc.

i do think Snare is a good v faust. People running faust seem rather cavalier with their card expenditure and love the multiaccess. there have been more than few times i wish i had snare in my deck when i see the runner burn a grip of cards on a legwork, makers eye, medium run.

yeah, i was going to say that the rise of Faust seems like CD is in a tougher spot, since it’ll probably have to deal with all of those cards that increase hand size

It is pretty annoying early on. Later, you really don’t care much, though it is likely you go to 2-3 cards on successful run. More important is not running last click to be able to shrug the tag. The tag is much worse than the damage.