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Imaginary Cards


Weyland Sentry: AP, Military Grade
Rez: 13
Strength: 8
When you rez Mecha, you may trash rezzed cards in order to lower its rez cost by 2 for each card trashed.

-> Do net damage equal to the number of installed programs
-> Give the runner 1 tag for each installed program
-> Trash a Program

Weyland ICE: Barrier, Military Grade
Rez: 6
Strength: 4
When you rez Frigate, you may trash rezzed cards in order to lower its rez cost by 2 for each card trashed.
-> Do 1 net damage
-> End The Run
-> End the Run

Weyland ICE-Code Gate, Military Grade
Rez: 4
Strength: 3
When you rez, trash cards. Lower by 2, etc.
Submarine cannot be bypassed.
-> Reveal all cards in the runner’s grip. Trash 1.
-> Gain 1. End The Run.

Weyland ICE-Sentry-Destroyer(lol)-Military Grade
Rez: 8
Strength: 5
rez, trash, etc.
-> Trash 1 program and do 1 net damage
-> Trash 1 program and do 1 net damage

Weyland ICE-Sentry-AP-Military Grade
Rez: 18
Strength: 8
military grade thing
->Do 1 net damage
->Do 1 net damage
->Do 1 net damage
->Do 1 net damage
->Do 1 net damage
->Do 1 net damage
-> End the run if you did any net damage during this encounter


Boarding Party
Weyland ICE-Sentry-Tracer
Rez: 2
Strength: 4
When the runner encounters Boarding Party, do 1 meat damage if there is an installed AI.
->Trace 2: Give the runner 1 tag
-> do 2 meat damage if the runner is tagged


“Tracer” is a subtype reserved for ICE that, you know, Traces. Just like AP (attack program) is for ICE that deals damage and Destroyer is for ICE that trashes programs.


I also think this one is a bit cheap to rez for what it does


Lol dumb. Forgot the actual trace.


NBN ICE-Code Gate
Rez: 3
Strength: 5
->the Runner loses 1
-> The Corp gains 1
-> The runner bypasses the next piece of ICE. When he or she does, give the runner 1 tag.
Vroom Vroom
Patrol Car
NBN ICE-Sentry
Rez: 1
Strength: 3
-> Give The Runner 1 Tag if they broke all subroutines on another piece of ICE this turn
-> End The Run
Weeeeoooo Weeeeooo
NBN ICE-Barrier
Rez: 3
Strength: 2
Roadblock has plus 3 strength if the runner is tagged.
-> End The Run and give the runner 1 tag
Stop right there!


I’m a fan of games with multiple uses for cards. For example, the Star Wars and Arkham Horror LCG have symbols next to the picture that you can use during combat/skill checks; SW: Destiny lets you discard cards to reroll dice, and Mage Knight lets you play any card face down as a 1-point card. We have some of that in Netrunner with cards like Faust that just trash them for effect, as well as some different effects with cards like Windfall and Oracle May that care look at a card’s cost or type. I had some more thoughts on cards that can make use of other cards as a resource.

Smash and Grab - 2
Resource: Job
Once per turn, when you trash a corp card by paying its trash cost, gain credits equal to its rez or play cost. If that card was rezzed, take 1 tag.
Anarch - Influence 1

Calling Card - 1
Resource: Virtual
Once per turn, when you make a successful run, you may trash 1 card from your grip. If you do, increase the rez cost of the next piece of ice rezzed this turn by 1, plus an additional 1 for each subtype on the trashed card.
Criminal - Influence 1

La Fontaine’s Scrapyard - 2
Resource: Connection - Location
When your turn begins, you may remove 3 cards in your heap from the game to gain credits equal to the lowest install or play cost on those cards (if the Corp has more scored agenda points than you, gain credits equal to the highest install or play cost on those cards instead).
Shaper - Influence 1


Praetorian Arms Innovations
Weyland ID-45/17

“When Scored” Abilities on Agendas also occur when that agenda is stolen.
Insuring Your safety, one step at a time.


looks funny with Posted Bounty.


You can’t forfeit Agendas in your opponent’s score area though, right?


It’s part of the when scored ability, so it should be possible I think.


Masked Avenger
Anarch ID - Natural
0 link
The first time a Runner card ability would trash an installed piece of ice, you may instead remove that ice from the game.
“I’m a purist.”


[B]Money Laundering[/B]
Cost: 8
Trash: 1
Inf: 4
Operation - Terminal - Grey Ops - Transaction
(Standard terminal text…)
If you have not scored an agenda this turn install Money Laundering as a runner resource. Move up to 5 credits from the runners credit pool to Money Laundering. Gain 3 credits for each credit transferred in this way. While installed Money Laundering reads “Spend credits on money laundering only during a run.”

[I]“The trick is to make it appear like any other business transaction” - Mark Yale[/I]


Inspired by Make Weyland Hate Again and Jinteki’s upcoming 5/3, Obokata Protocol:

Political Visit
5/3 Weyland Agenda: Public
Install Political Visit face up in a new remote server.
As an additional cost to access Political Visit while installed, the Runner must take 3 meat damage and 2 tags.



Weyland - 2 inf
Asset - Security
2c 5trash

Whenever a Runner card effect causes an Ice’s strength to be lowered, place one power counter on Rubberband for each point of strength lost.

Trash: Do 1 meat damage for each power counter on Rubberband

Go on, keep stretching it


Recommendation: At a 5 trash cost and no clicks to activate, that should probably be unique, regardless of how much you fantasize about obliterating the runner with parasifr or yogsucker who hits your double DNA Tracker R&D in Jinteki: RP.


Ha, I didn’t even think of multiples. Honestly it should have a click to activate too, I’m just feeling Sifr-salty.


ToS Breach
4/2 Weyland Agenda

Whenever a rezzed piece of ICE is trashed by a Runner’s card effect, the Runner loses 1c for every subroutine on the ICE, and 2c for every advancement counter on the ICE.
By agreeing to access this server, you agree that in the case of massive server failure caused by the user, you forfeit all the rights to your credits…

Insurance Fraud
3/1 Weyland Agenda

Whenever a rezzed asset or upgrade is trashed by the Runner, gain credits equal to half of the trash cost (rounded up).


Weyland ICE-Code Gate-AP
Rez: 2
Strength: 5

-> Do 1 net damage
-> The runner encounters a piece of ICE in archives

What’s that chill?


Absolutely NASTY.
I’ll take three.