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Introducing [BABW] - Bring Another Brit to Worlds

Inspired by @Spags and the other anrpc crew. We’re setting up a tournament series in the UK to fly someone to sunny Minnesota in November.

If you’re interested in being a part of this series as a player or TO please get in touch.


I should also note that the store that will be hosting the finals has a sweet Streaming rig set up and that the finals (and last chance qualifier) will be streamed!.


This is incredibly awesome for those in the UK. Massively generous of those helping out to do this for someone! You’re doing good work. Over nine thousand props to everyone involved. :smile:


Awesome project, we need a higher european presence at worlds!

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Fantastic! Welcome aboard, and good luck!

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I approve of this movement.


Signed up to the Uroboros Cup after Nationals to see if I can’t get a spot in the finals for this thing! Will be a crazy weekend, but I’m looking forward to it.

Looks very well organised, and props to you, @MasterAir, for putting this together so quickly and well.

I can contact Wayland’s Forge for a Birmingham tournament if you want?


I think @vinegarymink is already getting in touch with Wayland’s Forge. Birmingham will have a tournament.


Yeah I’ve talked to them already. They’re aware that its happening and they’re keen, but I don’t think they’ve run it past the boss yet so it’s not 100% set in stone. I’ll be very surprised if it doesn’t happen though.


If not at Wayland’s we’ll do it somewhere else. I’m in Coventry so it’ll be madness if there’s no tourney in the West Midlands.

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@aandries has you hooked up on the ANRPC site.



Woooo Bristol!

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Awesome news the more Euros the better.


It’s important because this year the dollar is up on the Euro/Pound. A trip to the USA is about 30% more expensive then last year.

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That’s not as big of a problem thoguh - the big expense is flights (particularly the transatlantic leg), and you could always get that done with BA, which will charge in pounds.

EDIT: Also, the pound/dollar thing isn’t nearly as drastic as 30%: at its worse, before the election, it was around 17% higher than July last year. It’s now only around 10% higher.

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I think the situation is different for the UK. Dollar was over €1,35 juli 2014. March 2015 it was at €1,05. Now it’s at 1,15. So around 20% now.

Here in Holland flights were more expensive. I believe most EU airlines work with dollars.

But let’s not derail the discussion. I was just stressing that this is a great thing.

£1 > $1.50, which is still very good value for us.

Solid idea! So is the format essentially like Regionals --> Nationals, with winners getting a super-bye at the Grand Final? Or is the Grand Final invitation only and comprised of qualifiers from the heats?

I would be well up for this, but obviously I’ll be taking down Nationals anyway so I’ll already have my trip sorted :stuck_out_tongue:

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The grand final is invitation only. Each qualifier sends 3 players. At the moment there’s no special treatment for winning a qualifier.

I expect announcements over the next 2 weeks about qualifiers - there should be about 12 around the UK.

There will be a last chance qualifier the day before the main event, a bit like last year’s UK Nationals


Is it only for UK players ? Because from Paris its only a 2 hours trip to London and can be tempting depending the date.

Played Netrunner once in London and it was a great time !